How many hothead locations are there?

Our People. Our corporate office is located in Kettering, Ohio, where it all started. From there, we have expanded across the country to over 70 locations all run and operated by our dedicated burrito lovers.

What kind of fish does Hot Head Burritos use?

Hot Head Fish Tacos start with a healthy serving of Cod topped with Pico, Hot Head Sauce, Monterey Cheese and finished off with a pinch of Cilantro, Lime and Lettuce all on a soft or corn tortilla. Lent has put the spotlight on Hot Head Burritos’ new Fish Tacos.

What is Hot Head sauce made of?

A smooth, smoky pepper sauce made from smoked red jalapeño peppers. Heat: 3 out of 8 flames Great on: Steak. Pick your Hot Head Sauce!

What are the pan seared veggies at Hot Head Burritos?

If you love your veggies, try our new Veggie Burrito with pan-seared zucchini, yellow squash and red bell pepper.

Is hot heads like Chipotle?

Both places have most of the same variety, but some of their ingredients have a different variety. While Chipotle has guacamole, Hot Heads has different sauces. But both places are very much enjoyed!

Who started Hot Head Burritos?

Raymond and Cynthia Wiley opened the first Hot Head Burritos in Dayton, Ohio, in 2007 and the company began franchising in 2010. Since that time the concept has expanded aggressively throughout Ohio and into Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Whats a hothead mean?

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What does the Hot Head sauce taste like?

Wiley describes the signature Hot Head Sauce as “a zesty garlic sauce with medium heat.” “The next most popular sauce is Sweet Habanero, which has a little heat, and then Extreme Habanero, which is pretty warm but also sweet,” Wiley says.

What is sweet habanero sauce?

Cholula Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce features a perfect balance of fruity pineapple juice, habanero peppers and our signature spices for an unexpected kick of sweet tropical heat. It will instantly upgrade a margarita and put the wow in your avocado toast, cocktails and wings, too. More. Buy Now Where To Buy.

What are the fajita veggies for Hot Head Burritos?

Hot Head Burritos – Bowl For the bowl option, we will be removing any kind of protein in the meal. We will also include vegan toppings such as black beans, banana peppers, jalapeno slices, pineapple, fajita veggies, verde salsa, white rice, pinto beans, cilantro, lettuce, corn salsa, and guacamole.

Which came first hot heads or Chipotle?

Chipotle, the older of the two franchises, was founded by Steve Ellis in 1993. Chipotle opened its first restaurant in Denver, Colo., but the popularity of its Mexican food has spread quickly throughout the country. Chipotle has four restaurants in the Kettering-Dayton area and a total of 976 restaurants in 21 states.

Is Hot Head good?

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