How many kids did Wentworth Cheswell have?

thirteen children
Cheswell returned home after completing his education and became a Schoolmaster. He purchased his first piece of land from his father in 1765 and on September 13, 1767, Cheswell married Mary Davis. The couple had thirteen children.

What is known about Wentworth Cheswell family?

Wentworth was the only child born in Newmarket, New Hampshire, to Hopestill Cheswell, a free black man of biracial ancestry, and his wife, Katherine (Keniston) Cheswell, a white woman. The senior Cheswell was a master housewright and carpenter who worked mostly in the thriving city of Portsmouth.

Was Wentworth Cheswell a Founding Father?

Wentworth Cheswell– African American Founding Father.

What did Haym Salomon do?

Haym Salomon, Salomon also spelled Solomon, (born 1740, Lissa, Poland—died January 6, 1785, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.), Polish-born American businessman who was a principal financier of the fledgling American republic and a founder of the first Philadelphia synagogue, Mikveh Israel.

Was Wentworth Cheswell a messenger?

In the middle of December 1774, messengers on horseback carried news to the people of New Hampshire’s seacoast. Two British warships were headed to New Castle to reinforce Fort William and Mary.

Who was Wentworth Cheswell and why was he important?

The first African American to be elected to public office in what is now the United States was probably Wentworth Cheswell (also spelled Cheswill). He held a series of town and local government posts in New Hampshire. Cheswell was also a patriot during the American Revolution.

Where was Wentworth Cheswell born?

Newmarket, NHWentworth Cheswell / Place of birth

What did Patrick Henry do?

Patrick Henry served as Virginia’s first governor (1776-1779) and sixth governor (1784-1786). In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, Henry became an outspoken Anti-Federalist. Henry and other Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of the 1787 United States Constitution, which created a strong federal government.

Who is Hiam Solomon?

How many kids did Haym Salomon have?

Haym Salomon married Rachel Franks and had 4 children. He passed away on 6 Jan 1785 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What was Wentworth Cheswell childhood like?

Wentworth Cheswell’s Early Life He was born to a free biracial black man and a white woman, making him one-quarter black. Cheswell’s father earned a fairly good income, which allowed young Wentworth to receive a formal education, which was rare for black colonists during that time.

What did Patrick Henry do to his wife?

Dorothea Dandridgem. 1777–1799
Sarah Shelton Henrym. 1754–1775
Patrick Henry/Wife

Who was Wentworth Cheswell?

Wentworth Cheswell was a teacher, auditor, assessor, selectman, and Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire. When he was elected town Constable of Newmarket, New Hampshire in 1768, he became the second person of African ancestry, after Mathias de Sousa of the Maryland colony, to be elected to public office in what would become the United States.

Who was the father of John Wentworth?

He was born on April 11, 1746, to a biracial father, Hopestill Wentworth, and Katherine Keniston, who was white. Hopestill was the son of a white woman and an enslaved black man, Richard Cheswell.

Where did Mary Cheswell Cheswell come from?

From Newmarket, NH Cheswell was the only child of Hopestill and Catherine Keniston Cheswell. There is virtually no information about Catherine Keniston in Newmarket town records. However, the various local historians and genealogists generally accepted that she came from a local Newmarket/Durham family, and that she was white.

Was Wentworth Cheswell the first black man elected to public office?

Records of comments by his contemporaries suggest they viewed him as biracial. In 1768, 22-year-old Wentworth Cheswell won election as town constable. George Mason University determined that made him the first African-American elected to public office.