How many Sierra RS Cosworths are left?

2021 2019

How many Ford Sierra rs500 Cosworth were made?

500 RS500s
Exactly 500 RS500s were produced, all of them RHD for sale in the UK only – the biggest market for this kind of Ford car. It was originally intended that all 500 would be black, however 56 white and 52 moonstone blue cars were also produced.

How many Sierra Cosworths are left in UK?

Did you know Ford sold 1.3 million Sierras in Britain, and there’s around 3000 left, 1400 of which are Cosworth or 4×4? A Sapphire Cosworth.

How many Ford RS Cosworth were made?

7,145 vehicles
The Escort RS Cosworth was a rare car, with 7,145 vehicles produced from the start of production on 19 February 1992 until the last car rolled out of the factory on 12 January 1996.

How many Rouse sport cosworths are left?

Many of the decent parts had been removed, although thankfully, the genuine Rouse Sport bodykit and interior was still all present and correct; can you imagine trying to source any of these bits today? “It’s said only 16 of these left, so they’re pretty rare,” explains Ryan.

What is the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth?

The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is a high-performance version of the Ford Sierra that was built by Ford Europe from 1986 to 1992.

What happened to the Ford Sierra Cosworth?

The Sierra Cosworth was also pressed into service as a rally car, and saw some success. After the abolition of the Group B formula in the World Rally Championship at the end of 1986, manufacturers had to turn to Group A cars and Ford, like most others, found itself without a fully suitable car.

Is there a Sierra RS Cosworth LHD RS500 version?

Some European tuners, missing a LHD RS500 version, have set up some elaborate versions of the Sierra RS Cosworth for private customers, replicating some of the RS500’s specs.

When did the Ford Cosworth come out?

In practice, it was launched in July 1986, and 5545 were manufactured in total of which 500 were sent to Tickford for conversion to the Sierra three-door RS500 Cosworth. The vehicles were manufactured in right hand drive (RHD) only, and were made in Ford’s Genk factory in Belgium.