How many swimming events are there in the Commonwealth Games?

Aquatics (Swimming and Diving) is one of the most competitive sports at the Commonwealth Games. In Swimming there are five individual event categories – Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Individual Medley with distances ranging from 50m -1500m and the competition usually takes place in a 50m pool.

Who took the athletes in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

The host nation India achieved its best performance ever at the Commonwealth Games, finishing second overall by winning 38 golds and 101 total medals….2010 Commonwealth Games.

Logo of the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Host city Delhi, India
Athlete’s Oath Abhinav Bindra
Queen’s Baton Final Runner Sushil Kumar
Anthem Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto (AR Rahman)

How many athletes competed in 2010 Commonwealth?

The dates for the Games were 3 – 14 October 2010, inclusive of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The Games saw the participation of 71 Commonwealth Games Associations representing one-third of the world’s population. About 6,572 athletes and team officials competed in 17 sports and four Para Sports in 290 sessions.

What went wrong in 2010 Commonwealth Games?

In 2010, New Delhi witnessed the Commonwealth Games (CWG) scam, one of the major Indian scams, involving a pilferage of around Rs 70,000 crore. It was estimated that only half of the allotted amount was spent on Indian sportspersons.

Is there swimming in the Commonwealth Games?

Swimming at the Commonwealth Games takes place in a long-course 50m pool – double the length you might find in typical leisure pool, and often referred to as ‘Olympic size’. For most events, heats will take place first, with the fastest swimmers or relay teams proceeding to semi-finals and finals.

Where is swimming for Commonwealth Games?

Sandwell Aquatics Centre

  • Smethwick, B67 7HE. The Aquatics Centre hosting swimming and diving is currently being built for the Games.
  • Accessibility. The venue is in a residential area with hard standing pedestrian footpaths.
  • Sport taking place here.

Who won Commonwealth Games 2010?

India have won 503 medals at the Commonwealth Games since the nation made its debut in 1934. Jaspal Rana, with 15 medals, is the most successful Indian at the CWG….India at Commonwealth Games: Medals by each edition.

Edition New Delhi 2010
Gold 38
Silver 27
Bronze 36
Total medals 101

Who is the golden daughter of India?

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (born 27 June 1964), popularly known as P. T. Usha, is a retired Indian track and field athlete. She has been associated with Indian athletics since 1979.

What happened in CWG Delhi?

On 28 July 2010, the Central Vigilance Commission, an Indian government body created to address governmental corruption, released a report showing irregularities in up to 14 CWG projects. As per official reports, in total 129 works in 71 organisations have been inspected.

Where is the Commonwealth Games swimming pool?

The Sandwell Aquatics Centre
The Sandwell Aquatics Centre in Smethwick has been completed with 100 days to go until the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games get underway. It’s the only brand-new venue for the Games this summer and will host eleven days of swimming and diving.

Where is the Commonwealth Games 2022 swimming?

This is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, from 18 June to 3 July. The original May date for the World Championships was also a potential opportunity for swimmers to qualify for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.