How much are bullfighting tickets in Madrid?

Ticket prices can range from just a few euros to over 100 euros, depending on the seating area, and with shaded areas (Sombra) being more expensive than sunny ones (Sol). The bullfight season runs from March to October.

How much does bullfight cost?

Ticket prices vary from 20 euros (about $27) to more than 100 euros (about $137) depending on the bullfighters and seats you choose; the most expensive seats are those in the shade (called sombra seats). You can purchase tickets online in advance or head to the ticket office at the ring.

How do you get tickets for bullfights in Madrid?

You can purchase your bullfight tickets from 3 different sellers:

  1. The easiest and fastest option is to get your Madrid bullfight tickets online.
  2. You can also get them at Las Ventas box office.
  3. You can try to buy them through a reseller who will ask for a much higher price.

Can you go to a bullfight in Madrid?

You can find everything in Madrid—and that includes bullfighting. Madrid and Andalusia are the dual epicenters of bullfighting in Spain. Despite most people’s impression of bullfighting as being unique to the whitewashed villages of Andalusia and Costa Blanca, Madrid is a great place to see a bullfight in Spain.

How much does a Spanish fighting bull cost?

Prized toros bravos, the breed used for fighting, can be worth around $20,000 each. “The problem here is that I have zero income, but the bulls still have to eat. I have the same costs but my income is gone.”

How long is a bull fight in Madrid?

In Spain, the standard bullfight consists of six bulls (two per matador), with each ritual killing lasting about 20 minutes — totalling two hours of medieval man-versus-beast madness. After each kill another bull romps into the arena.

What happens to bull after matador?

After the matador kills the bull, it is sent to a slaughterhouse. Its meat is then sold for human consumption, according to various sources, including Martin DeSuisse, founder of the nonprofit Aficionados International, which seeks to educate the English-speaking public about the Spanish bullfight.