How much did it cost to go to the movies in 2016?

The average cost of going to the movies in North America hit another record high in the first quarter of 2017, or $8.84, according to the National Association of Theater Owners. That compares to $8.79 in the fourth quarter of 2016, and an all-time high of $8.65 for all of 2016.

When did movies cost 25 cents?

In 1924, the cost of a movie ticket was $0.25, which works out to about $3.33 in 2013 dollars.

How much did a movie ticket cost in 2007?

Annual Ticket Sales

Year Tickets Sold Average Ticket Price
2007 1,420,036,680 $6.88
2006 1,398,738,283 $6.55
2005 1,372,980,280 $6.41
2004 1,495,651,298 $6.21

How much did a movie ticket cost in 2009?

The Average Price of a Movie Ticket for the Past 25 Years

Year Price
2009 $7.50
2008 $7.18
2007 $6.88
2006 $6.55

How much were movie tickets in 1999?

Constant-dollar movie prices dropped a bit more in the early 1990s, stabilizing during the middle 1990s at $4.70 to $4.80 (in 1999 dollars), where they remain.

How much is a movie ticket in Texas?

According to this study, the average general admission ticket price is $10.61, the average children’s ticket price is $8.03 and the average senior citizen ticket price is $8.33. In Texas, those same tickets will cost an average of $11.61, $8.44 and $9.15, respectively, according to the study.

How much was a movie ticket in 1990?

For most of the 1990s, tickets sold for an average of less than $5 apiece, and dating back to the 1960s, many Americans could go to the movies for less than a buck.