How much does a Beatles album cost?

The Beatles The first 10,000 albums are highly sought after if they’re in mint condition and include the poster, four-color prints, and black inner sleeves. What is this? From 1001 to 10,000, they can be bought for around $1,000. Numbers 11 to 1,000 cost about $1,700.

Is help a good album?

The Help! soundtrack album is as haphazard as Beatles For Sale, but it lacks that record’s glowering intensity; it’s a great but confusing record. In A Hard Days Night, after throwing a sarky George Harrison out of their studio, a fashion-maven TV producer and his assistant try and make sense of him.

What was the B side of help?

I’m Down
Help! (song)

B-side “I’m Down”
Released 19 July 1965 (US) 23 July 1965 (UK)
Recorded 13 April 1965 (stereo version); 13 April and 24 May 1965 (mono version)
Studio EMI, London

What Beatles album is worth the most money?

The Beatles – The Beatles (the “White Album”) (Parlophone UK album, 1968) – Ringo Starr’s personal copy (No. 0000001) was sold for $790,000 in December 2015, according to Rolling Stone. This is the highest price ever paid for an album that has been commercially released.

How much is a 45 record of The Beatles worth?

about 2,500 dollars
That record is probably worth about 2,500 dollars.

What are the top 10 Beatles songs?

‘Here,There and Everywhere’

  • ‘Something’ When artists such as Frank Sinatra pick out your work and label it as “the greatest love song of the past 50 years” you know you’re doing something
  • ‘In My Life’ If that song was a precursor to ‘In My Life’ then it is only right we should follow suit.
  • What are the Beatles best hits?

    ‘Here Comes The Sun’

  • ‘A Day In The Life’ One track that may not necessarily be entirely descended from an acid trip like some of the band’s songs but is certainly dripping with
  • ‘Help!’ A classic pop number,‘Help!’ isn’t as nearly as well-regarded as it should be.
  • What was Beatles biggest hit?


  • ‘Yes It Is’
  • ‘Long,Long,Long’
  • ‘All I’ve Got to Do’
  • ‘Within You Without You’
  • ‘Any Time at All’
  • ‘You Won’t See Me’
  • ‘Sexy Sadie’
  • ‘Dig a Pony’
  • ‘Every Little Thing’
  • Which was the last album recorded by the Beatles?

    ^The table includes studio albums released in several countries.

  • ^With the Beatles was released in Canada as Beatlemania!
  • ^a b c d The original US release featured a different track listing to the UK release.
  • ^a b c The album also contains songs by George Martin and His Orchestra.