How much does a deslorelin cost?

As of 01-Jan-2021, the 4.7mg formulation costs $35/implant and the 9.4mg formulation costs $65/implant. All other facilities interested in using Suprelorin can contact the RMC for important information about the product, but we do not distribute implants to non-AZA institutions or individuals.

How quickly does suprelorin work?

The implant is inserted subcutaneously, under the loose skin on the back between the lower neck and the lumbar area in dogs and between the shoulder blades in ferrets. Suprelorin starts being effective after about six weeks in dogs and between 5 to 14 weeks in ferrets.

How long does suprelorin implant last?

6 months
The implant lasts for at least six month, therefore to avoid any lapse in efficacy, it is recommended to place a new implant every 6 months. Suprelorin® comes in a box of two implants, each one preloaded in its own sterile single use implanting device.

Can suprelorin implant be removed?

The implants were not designed to be removed, and they do become more porous and prone to breakage with time, as deslorelin diffuses out, but they do not dissolve. Thus, with careful placement, removal is possible.

How long does a deslorelin implant last?

In pubertal cats, a 4.7 mg deslorelin implant suppressed steroid sex hormones for an average of approximately 20 months (range 15-25 months) in males and an average of approximately 24 months (range 16-37 months) in females.

What is deslorelin for?

Deslorelin (brand names: SucroMate, Suprelorin F, Suprelorin 12, Suprelorin-6) is a synthetic hormone used to induce ovulation and manage artificial insemination programs in horses, modulate reproduction in dogs, or manage adrenal disease in ferrets.

What happens when suprelorin wears off?

*Note: testicles start to shrink at about 6- 8 weeks on the implant. After 7 months on the implant, they slowly start to swell as the implant slowly wears off. After the effects have worn off there was no discernible difference before and after.

How much does a dog implant cost?

In the UK prices can range from anywhere between £100 and £300, depending on the dose of the implant and also on your own vet and how much they charge for their time.

How big is the suprelorin implant?

Suprelorin consists of a cylindrical shaped implant of 2.3 mm diameter and 12 mm length containing 4.7 mg of deslorelin (as deslorelin acetate). The implant is a solid, opaque, white to pale yellow cylinder weighing 50 mg in total, which is intended for subcutaneous administration to dogs.

What is Tardak?

Delmadinone acetate (DMA), sold under the brand name Tardak among others, is a progestin and antiandrogen which is used in veterinary medicine to treat androgen-dependent conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

How do deslorelin implants work?

Deslorelin is an implant that can be placed beneath the ferret’s skin in a simple, quick surgical procedure. It slowly releases hormones over time to suppress the negative effects of the hormones released by the adrenal gland tumor or tumors.

How do Deslorelin implants work?