How much does a TREMEC TKO cost?

Available for under $3,000 and benefitting from unrivaled aftermarket support, the TKO is the value-packed choice of manual hot-rodders everywhere.

How much does it cost to convert to manual?

The cost to do this type of swap can vary greatly as well, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for parts and labor to get the job done. But that is a rough estimate.

What did the TKO 500 come in?

In 1994 the TR-3550 was then offered an ungraded 3550 into a 26 spline input and 31 spline output and designated the TKO. The TKO-500 & TKO-600 came along in 2004 with a new 2.87 1st gear ratio.

How many gears does a TKO 600 have?

TREMEC’s TKO series of 5-speed transmissions was first made famous by the 5-liter Mustang movement and has since been fitted into nearly every rear-wheel drive performance application imaginable.

What is the best Tremec transmission?

Tremec TR-3550/TKO The Tremec TR-3550 is probably the most popular five-speed upgrade for those who need-or feel they need-something stronger still than the FRPP heavy-duty T5, also known as the “Z” trans. A spin-off of the Ford Top Loader four-speed, it has the same center-distance as the Top Loader.

What transmission can hold 1000 HP?

PerformaBuilt Hydramatic 400 Racing Transmission
The PerformaBuilt Hydramatic 400 Racing Transmission is a mega-performance transmission capable of +1000 RWHP.

Is the Ford Racing Tremec TKO 600 a good transmission?

This Tremec TKO replaces the older TR-3550 and has a torque capacity of 600 lbs./ft. making it perfect for high-performance applications. Built Ford Tough. The Ford Racing Tremec TKO 600 Transmission has a close ratio 1st through 4th gear and is equipped with a 26 spline input shaft and a 31 spline output shaft.

What is a TKO motor?

The TKO is ideal for high torque motors for the both the street and performance racing applications. Several aftermarket upgrades are available such as carbon fiber synchro rings, shifter rods, polished gears to reduce friction and Cryogenic treat of the gear for added torque capacity.

What kind of transmission does Tremec offer?

Talk with one of our experts! TREMEC offers the most versatile 5-speed on the market today. The TKO transmissions offer an impressive array of features including multiple shifter locations, mounting configurations, and speedometer pickups. This transmission is rated for up to 600 lb-ft of torque along with confidence-inspiring shifts and overdrive.