How much is a Jaguar XJL worth?

The lowest-priced XJL Portfolio long-wheelbase model starts at about $86,500. Keep climbing that ladder, and we’re looking at $124,295 for the XJR575 before options push the price beyond $130,000.

Is Jaguar XJL discontinued?

Jaguar has stopped the production of Jaguar XJ L. The last recorded price of Jaguar XJ L is ₹ 99.56 Lakh.

Are Jaguar XJL reliable?

Jaguar XJ Reliability Rating Breakdown. The Jaguar XJ Reliability Rating is 2.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 19th out of 30 for luxury fullsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,232 which means it has poor ownership costs.

What’s the difference between an XJ and XJL Jaguar?

The Jaguar XJ and XJL are in the same model lineup, but the “L” in the XJL represents a long wheelbase model that can offer up to 4.8 inches of additional leg room in the back seat. All-wheel drive is available on all models of the 2018 Jaguar XJ. Both size options come with a choice of elite supercharged engines.

How much longer is the Xjl?

The XJL is indeed long. At 206.6 inches, this Jag is stretched an extra five inches over the regular model, and all five of those inches come in the form of rear legroom. One look at the back seat of this elegant car, and you may mistake it for an executive’s jet.

What does Xjl stand for?


Acronym Definition
XJL Joliette, Quebec, Canada – Joliette / via Rail Service (Airport Code)

Why did Jaguar stop making the Xjl?

Best Ceramic Coatings For 2021 “Following a thorough technology review against the exponential change in the automotive industry, we concluded that the planned XJ replacement does not fit with our vision for a reimaged Jaguar brand,” a Jaguar spokesperson said.

What does Xjl stand for Jaguar?

If you want to go even longer on the luxury factor, literally, there is the XJL, whose third character stands for “long,” as in long wheelbase.