How much Lubegard red should I use?

The use of LUBEGARD ATF Protectant will not cause clutch friction upset or slippage. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For normal applications, add 1 oz. (29.6 mL) per quart (Liter) of ATF to the total transmission capacity (including torque converter) with motor idling in park. Do not overfill.

Is Lubegard good for transmission?

It can safely be added to any automatic transmission fluid (ATF) including full synthetic, semi synthetic, conventional, and low viscosity fluids except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is engineered to raise the thermal and oxidative …

What color should transmission fluid be?

Healthy transmission fluid should be relatively clear or pink in color. If your transmission fluid is deep red or brown, your transmission fluid is old and most likely causing extra damage within your transmission. If it is dark brown, that is a sign you have burnt transmission fluid from overheating.

Does Lubegard shudder fix work?

The shudder is gone. The transmission works perfectly. The very valid question is whether this fix will last. These products typically work by causing materials (primarily seals) in the transmission to swell, and therefore seal better.

What is Lubegard used for?

Lubegard® Heavy Duty Fluids are engineered to enhance the performance of transmissions, power steering units, and gas & diesel engines in heavy duty fleet applications. These products are proven to protect and restore vehicles & equipment.

How do you flush a transmission with Lubegard?

Add one bottle of LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Flush to transmission fluid. With car on lift (wheels off ground) start engine, circulate for 5 minutes while cycling through all gears. Drain completely. Refill with ATF.

What auto fluid is red?

There are two fluids used by your vehicle that are red. These are the automatic transmission fluid and the power steering. Both of these are hydraulic fluids. You’ll want to check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle, like some others, actually uses automatic transmission fluid in the power steering system.

Why is transmission fluid red?

Why Is Transmission Fluid Red? The red color for transmission fluid boils down to the applied dye at the point of manufacture. The reason is unknown but serves as a clue separating the fluid type from engine oil, radiator oil, washer fluid, and coolant. Transmission fluid usually has a translucent red color.

Is shudder fix Good for transmission?

instant shudder fixx is compatible with all conventional or synthetic automatic transmission fluids. It is for the best overall performance and long term transmission benefit. The Lubegard automatic transmission protectant is recommended to be used as well for long term benefit (Part Number, 60902.

How do you use a Lubegard CVT?

directions for use LUBEGARD® CVT Recharge & Protect™ treats 6 to 10 quarts of CVT fluid. Shake well before use. Using a funnel, add 1 ounce of LUBEGARD® per quart for the total capacity of the transmission. Do not exceed 2 ounces per quart.