How old is Kelly Brooks?

42 years (November 23, 1979)Kelly Brook / Age

How long have Nicole and Thom been together?

Thom Evans has opened up about his flourishing romance with Nicole Scherzinger saying he has hit the jackpot by bagging the Pussycat Dolls star as a girlfriend. The 36-year-old former rugby player has been dating 43-year-old Nicole for the past two years after they met on The X Factor : Celebrity back in 2019.

Is Thom Evans seeing Nicole Scherzinger?

Nicole Scherzinger put on a cosy display with boyfriend Thom Evans as the pair posed in a wintry location while in Tennessee at the weekend. The singer, 43, donned a brown cowgirl hat as she stood arm-in-arm with her rugby player partner, 36, as they wrapped up warm in quilted coats with faux fur trims.

Has Kelly Brook gained weight?

Back in June, Kelly admitted she had no concerns about her figure after putting on weight during lockdown. She told new! magazine: “I’m a real foodie and enjoy cooking. I wasn’t surprised at all to see my weight creep up a little over the last few weeks. “[I’ve gained] a few pounds, but I’m not worried.

Who is the Slim Fast model?

Kelly Brook
Our 2019 has started with a bang! We’re so excited to welcome our new celeb ambassador Kelly Brook! The model, actress and presenter started her weight loss journey with the NEW SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action and has lost an incredible 15lbs and 4 inches from her hips, dropping two dress sizes.

Who is McIntosh dating 2020?

And now The Sun has identified his girlfriend as Australian jewellery designer Juliet Bakos, who has reportedly been dating the erstwhile Celebrity Big Brother star ‘seriously for five weeks’.

How old is David McIntosh?

36 years (December 10, 1985)David McIntosh / Age

How did Thom Evans meet Nicole?

Thom, 36, first met Nicole, 43, officially on the X Factor Celebrity in 2019 when she was a judge and he was a contestant alongside bandmates Levi Davis and Ben Foden.

What does Thom Evans do for a living?

ModelRugby Union Player
Thom Evans/Professions

Does Kelly Brook SlimFast?

Kelly follows the SlimFast 3.2. 1. plan and loves the fact that it allows her to eat up to six times a day – with the choice of three snacks, two SlimFast bars or shakes and one delicious home cooked meal of up to 600 calories.