Is 17 Mach 2 ammo still being made?

17 Hornady Mach 2 still remains in production, and for the dedicated shooter, ammo can be found online without much of a hassle.

Who makes 17HM2?

17HM2 was developed by Hornady in 2004 to give varmint hunters a high-velocity rimfire cartridge. The Mach 2 fits in standard rimfire length actions. With the big success of its predecessor the popular.

What’s the difference between 17 HMR and 17 WSM?

17 WSM comes in at $0.30 to $0.35 per round—so if cost is an issue, the HMR may have a bit more appeal. The . 17 HMR also has more ammunition choices; with options from Hornady, Remington, Winchester, CCI, Federal and Browning. Looking at field performance, I find the WSM cartridge a better choice for the longer shots.

What gun uses 17 HMR ammo?

Ammunition is also available from Winchester, PMC and Sellier & Bellot. Examples of bolt-action or lever-action rifles that are chambered for (or have variants chambered for) . 17 HMR include Armscor M1700, Browning T-Bolt, CZ 452, Ruger Model 96, Savage 93, Steyr Zephyr II, Marlin 917 and Weihrauch 60J.

What is smaller than a 223?

300 PRC are both the exact same caliber. They both shoot a . 308 caliber bullet….Caliber to MM Conversion Chart.

Rifle Caliber Name Common Metric Name Bullet Diameter
.204 5.2mm .204″ (5.2mm)
.223 5.56mm .224″ (5.7mm)
.22 (lr) 5.6mm .223″ (5.66mm)
.22 (not lr) 5.6mm .224″ (5.7mm)

What is the 17 WSM good for?

Winchester . 17 WSM ammo is a great choice for taking care of varmints and pests. Winchester manufactures three polymer tipped bullets: the lightest is a15-grain non-leaded bullet with a 20-grain midweight and a “heavy” 25-grain bullet.

How accurate is a 17 HM2?

It will vary a bit from lot to lot from the same manufacturer, but when the more accurate lots are fired in a match-grade barrel, they will average 0.25 to 0.38 inch at 50 yards and 0.50 to 0.75 inch at 100 yards. It is not unusual to see individual groups fired with the .17 HM2 run considerably smaller.

How much punch does a 17 HM2 have?

The .17 HM2 strikes a 100-yard target with around 90 foot-pounds of punch, which is about the same as for both high-velocity and hypervelocity loadings of the .22 LR. However, it does fall short of the 110 ft-lbs delivered at that distance by the CCI Velocitor and its 40-grain bullet at 1435 fps.

What is the Mach 2 velocity of a 17 HM2?

The .17 HM2 may or may not live up to its “Mach 2” name, depending on geographic location and conditions, with velocities out of a rifle of 2,100 ft/s (640 m/s). The velocity is nearly double that of a standard .22 LR, which results in a much flatter trajectory out to its 175-yard (160 m) effective range.

What happened to the 17 Mach 2?

So, in 2004, Hornady and CCI made a big to-do of the new .17 Mach 2, which produced muzzle velocities twice the speed of sound. All the major manufacturers had rifles ready to go. But wild demand never materialized.