Is art and design a good A level?

A-level Art and Design lays excellent foundations for a career in the creative industries, although the ability to ‘think outside the box’ and the observational skills learnt through this subject are considered valuable in a whole spectrum of professions.

Can I study art online?

Our art courses can be done either via the post or online – either way we endeavour to make it as simple as possible for you. All of our art courses are specially designed for home study, allowing students to work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.

Do universities accept a level art?

Many universities or art colleges will be looking for you to have an art foundation qualification under your belt – a one-year course usually taken after A-levels – before progressing on to an art and design degree course.

Can you do A levels in art?

A Level Art and Design is perfect if you want to study architecture, art and design-related subjects. This course allows you to explore a range of disciplines before deciding which area you want to study at degree level.

Is art a hard A level?

Surprisingly, Art A-Level is often ranked among some of the most difficult A-Level subjects to take, despite the common assumption that it is a ‘soft’ subject. Many people assume studying Art at A-Level can be easy, particularly if you are a gifted artist yourself.

What can I do with an art A level?

Successful A level Art students can go on to study on a range of Art & Design foundation and degree courses, nationally and internationally, and train in their area of specialisation, before going on to become an Artist, Designer, Architect, or Arts Professional in a broad variety of specialist areas.

Can I do art A level without GCSE?

Especially if they are international, students without an Art GCSE should have some equivalent experience, that reflects their creative and practical interests. Most important, you should enjoy the process of developing your skills, ideas and understanding, as you progress through the course.

Is art a hard A Level?

Is art and design A level hard?

Is art A level easy?

Due to the considerable academic and creative challenges of the new syllabus and assessment pattern, you will find it tough to do well in Art and Design A Levels in less than two years of study. Developing your skills takes time to experiment and think, and isn’t easily compressed into three terms.