Is Cssps placement out?

The 2021 BECE Placement has been released today, Saturday 26th March 2022. It was released around 8:45pm. When CSSPS releases the placement, candidates can use the steps below to buy the BECE CSSPS E-voucher. ALERT: Our company sells BECE Placement Checker Card.

How do you do self placement on Cssps?

How to Do The BECE / SHS Self Placement

  1. Visit CSSPS website at or
  2. Select check placement module on the page to continue the process.
  3. Provide your e-voucher PIN and Index Number (i.e after successful purchase in the steps above) and click on enter.

How do I find my school placement on my phone?

STEP 1: Open your phone’s Messages app and send a new SMS/TEXT message. STEP 2: Fill in the blanks with your index number. For example, enter 9797979797 and send to the short code 1060. STEP 3: You will be notified of your school placement.

How can I check my school placement online?

5 Simple Ways to Check CSSPS SHS Schools Placement

  1. To check schools placement, visit the CSSPS Website.
  2. Purchase an E-Voucher with Mobile Money (eg. MTN, VODAFONE, AIRTEL TIGO)
  3. Click on Placement.
  4. Enter your Index Number and E-Voucher Pin.
  5. Submit.

How do I check my secondary placement?

How to Check Secondary School Selected via sms code

  1. Go your sms message in your phone.
  2. Send SMS message with your KCSE index number to 22263 (the code works for safaricom, Airtel and Telkom).
  3. Your will receive an sms with the school that you were selected to join.
  4. The sms charges ksh.

How do I find my school placement 2022?

How To Check and Print CSSPS BECE Placement 2021/2022

  1. Click the check Placement Option on the CSSPS portal.
  2. Enter the ten-digit index number and add 21 as the year of completion.
  3. Enter the pin code details (serial number and pin)
  4. Click on submit and wait for placement to be displayed.

Can I change my self placement?

8. Can I change a school I selected through self-placement? YES. A candidate who got placed in a school through self-placement, can change the school on the portal so long as that candidate has not enrolled in a school.

How do I check my school placement 2021?

How much is the school placement checker?

The Cost Of Placement Checker is GH₵ 10.00, The cost of the Placement Checker will be automatically deducted from your mobile money wallet after payment.

How do I download my admission letter from secondary school?

To check for admission letters online and download, log on to, select the county and sub-county the candidate sat KCPE then key in your index number and submit. To complete the process, click on the admission letter at the bottom of the page. Print it for presentation to your new school.

Is the 2021 BECE school placement in?

The new schedule for the release of the 2021 BECE School Placement is within 14th March and 28th March.

Is the Cssps placement 2022 out?

“…the 2021/2022 Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) into Senior High Schools (SHS)/ Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutes, will go live on Saturday, 26th March, 2022,” the Ministry of Education said in a press release.