Is Dhar a district?

Dhar, located in south-western part of Madhya Pradesh, is administrative headquarter of Dhar District. It is a part of Indore Division. The total Geographical area of Dhar is 8153 sq. kms.

How many villages are there in Dhar district?

Dhar has 1625 Revenue villages having 1326 Patwari halkas. The total number of Gram Panchayats in Dhar is 761.

Where is rajgarh in India map?

Where is Rajgarh Located | Rajgarh Location Map

City Rajgarh
State Himachal Pradesh
District Sirmaur
Total Population 2,527
Total Male 1,411

Which caste is Dhar?

Dhar Surname User-submission: Dar is a Kashmiri surname of Brahmin origin, found among individuals native to the Kashmir Valley of India as well as Kashmiri emigres who have migrated to the Punjab, a region divided between India and Pakistan. The caste name is shared among both Hindus and Muslims.

Which caste is Dhar in Bengal?

Barendra Kayasthas
Dhar is also used as a surname by Barendra Kayasthas in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent and has similar spellings.

Who built Dhar fort?

Sultan Mahmud Tughlaq of Delhi
The fort of the town, attributed to Sultan Mahmud Tughlaq of Delhi is a rectangular construction of red sandstone. It was constructed in 1344 A.D. when Mahmud was on his campaign of conquest in the Deccan.

How many Tehsil are there in Rajgarh district?

seven tehsils
The district has seven tehsils, Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Jirapur, Biaora, Narsinghgarh, Sarangpur and Pachore.

Who is Collector of Dhar?

Pankaj Jain | District Dhar, Government Of Madhya Pradesh | India.

Is rajgarh a district?

ABOUT DISTRICT Rajgarh is located at western part of Madhya Pradesh. It borders the state of Rajasthan, and the districts of Shajapur, Sehore, and Bhopal.

What is the pin code of Rajgarh?

District Major STD and PIN codes

Tehsil STD Code PIN Code
Rajgarh 07372 465661
Biaora 07374 465674
Narsinghgarh 07375 465669
Sarangpur 07371 465697

Which district is Rajgarh in?

The district is bounded by Rajasthan state to the north, and by the districts of Guna to the northeast, Bhopal to the east, Sehore to the southeast, and Shajapur to the south and west. It is part of Bhopal Division. There are 1728 villages in Rajgarh.

What is the postal code of Rajgarh Dhar?

The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO. Rajgarh Dhar Pin Code is 454116. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Rajgarh Dhar is located in district Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA.

Where is Dhar district located?

Dhar, located in south-western part of Madhya Pradesh, is administrative headquarter of Dhar District.

Is Rajgarh a guaranteed Bhumiat of Dhar?

Rajgarh is a guaranteed bhumiat of Dhar. The bhumia of Rajgarh holds one village and three Bhil hamlets from Dhar, two villages directly from the British government, and two other villages from Indore.