Is Duckett a good rod?

5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a great rod. I highly recommend anyone needing a high This is a great rod. I highly recommend anyone needing a high end rod at an affordable price to give this Duckett a try.

Are Duckett rods made in USA?

Texarkana, Ark. St Croix only makes their high end rods in the US now. The lower end rods are made elsewhere. They build all Legend series, Avid series, and Premiers in Park Falls.

Are Duckett rods made in China?

Duckett rods and blanks are built in China. The blanks are proprietary and not available to the public.

Who made Duckett rods?

Boyd Duckett
Opened in 2016 by Boyd Duckett, Bassmaster Elite Champion and owner of Duckett Fishing (rods & reels) and BD Baits, Duckett Marine strives to bring pro-level service and affordable pricing to all their customers.

What does Duckett mean?

nickname from a diminutive of Middle English douke, duk(ke) ‘duck’ (Old English duce). nickname from Middle English douke, duk(ke) ‘duck’ + heved ‘head’. nickname from Old French ducquet ‘owl’, a diminutive of duc ‘guide’, ‘leader’ (see Duke 1).

Where are Duckett rods manufactured?

F Y I . duckett rods are made in CHINA.

Where is Duckett Fishing located?

– Duckett Fishing, an Alabama-based company that introduced the world’s first, mass-produced microguide-technology fishing rods, is moving its corporate headquarters to Guntersville, Alabama , the city and the company announced today.

Where are Duckett Fishing reels made?

About Duckett Fishing Headquartered in Guntersville, Alabama, Duckett Fishing, LLC works with professional anglers to design, develop, and deliver product at the highest level of performance.

Where does the name Duckett originate from?

The name Duckett can have a number of origins. It can be derived from the French ‘Ducquet’ meaning ‘leader’ or ‘owl’, this second derivation describing a person of considerable wisdom. The name can also be derived from the old English word ‘ducca’, perhaps describing the bird.