Is Evelynn good Aram?

Evelynn ARAM has a 48.79% win rate in Platinum+ on Patch 12.8 coming in at rank 117 of 159 and graded C+ Tier on the LoL Tierlist.

What is the best lane for Evelynn?

What Lane Is Evelynn? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position. This pick has yet to see any meaningful play in other lanes.

How do you use Evelynn Aram?

Evelynn ARAM combos Use E and use Q right before you R, which should be almost instantly after your E finishes. For your full damage combo W your target and Q from max range as it completes. Move towards your target and use Q, then E once in range and Q, then AA and use Q right before your R.

Is Evelynn good on URF?

Evelynn URF has a 45.5% win rate in Platinum+ on Patch 12.4 coming in at rank 148 of 159 and graded D Tier on the LoL Tierlist.

How do you jungle with Evelynn?

Evelynn Jungle Tips and Tricks Evelynn is very simple to gank with— utilize her stealth to get close to the enemy and cast Allure & wait for the heart to fill up. Cast Hate Spike as this will charm the enemy to walk towards you, keep spamming Hate Spike while also using Whiplash to deal tremendous amounts of damage.

What role is Evelynn?


Can Evelynn play top?

AD or AP? ) Lane Evelynn is bad, she is way more rewarding as jungler due to her passive. If you really want i’d play her either MID as AP Assasin or Top as offtank.

Is Evelynn a good Jungler?

Evelynn. Evelynn has a strong start in the jungle through her heavy ability damage, but it’s her ganking potential when you gain Camouflage at level six that truly makes her one of the top picks. Therefore, you’ll want to spend most of the early game just clearing camps and farming experience as fast as possible.

Is Evelynn a farming Jungler?

5) Evelynn Evelynn’s Hate Spike is one of the best power farming tools in League of Legends, especially against AoE camps like Raptors and Wolves.

Is Evelynn a Jungler?

As a jungler, Evelynn wants to be built as a burst mage, buying ability power, magic penetration and mobility.

Is Evelynn viable mid?

You can play her Top/Mid, but there will always be better options. Her damage output is not that great on AP anymore. As a toplaner, she will always be beaten by other common toplaner like Riven, Renekton or Jax.

Should Evelynn be AP or ad?

Most players go for a full AP build on Evelynn, but some like to purchase on-hit AP items too. Evelynn should only be played as AP because she’s very weak as AD. If you’re a veteran League of Legends player, you might remember Evelynn being a viable AD champion.

Is Evelynn an AP champion in League of Legends?

Evelynn is an AP champion in LoL. She is an assassin that scales with Ability Power and deals magic damage. Most players go for a full AP build on Evelynn, but some like to purchase on-hit AP items too.

Does attack damage make Evelynn better in League of Legends?

And there isn’t any AD item for Evelynn in League of Legends that’s a better fit in her build than a standard Ability Power item. Unfortunately, Evelynn doesn’t become a better champion by stacking Attack Damage in LoL. Sure, her auto-attacks will deal more damage, and that could help clear the jungle camps.