Is fairway NYC closing?

Fairway Group Holdings, the one-time New York grocery icon that crashed in January under its second bankruptcy filing in two years, is nearing a deal to sell two of its remaining operating Fairway Market stores—and is in the process of closing all of the others. Bogopa Service Corp., the Queens, N.Y.

Who bought fairway Manhattan stores?

Upscale grocer Fairway Market, currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, has agreed to sell two New York City stores to Bogopa Service Corp., which operates Food Bazaar Supermarkets in metropolitan New York.

Who bought fairway in NYC?

In January 2017, Fairway opened a store in a Georgetown (Brooklyn) strip mall. In March 2020, the store was sold to Key Food for $5 million.

Who took over Fairway Market?

Food Bazaar
Food Bazaar took over Fairway in Westbury on Aug. 31, 2020.

Why did fairway close in Harlem?

Groceries be gone. Located near the Hudson River at 125th Street and 12th Avenue, the Fairway Market’s popular grocery store in Harlem is no more. It closed its doors on Sun., July 19. The chain had faced financial difficulties prior to the pandemic, having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January.

Who owns Fairway market now?

Wakefern Food CorporationFairway Market / Parent organization

Who bought fairway in Westbury NY?

Bogopa Service Corporation
BROOKLYN, N.Y. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bogopa Service Corporation today announced its acquisition of the Fairway Market in Westbury, N.Y. The addition comes on the heels of Bogopa’s takeover of two other former Fairway Market stores just weeks ago in Red Hook, Brooklyn and Douglaston, Queens.

What happened to the Fairway in Harlem?

After a bidding war that drew interest from film studios, science organizations and big-box retailers, Fairway’s owners ultimately sold the site for $84 million last month to Columbia, which may use the site to extend its West Harlem campus all the way to the Hudson River.

Why did Fairway on 125th close?

When did fairway Harlem close?

“It is expected to close no later than June 30, a filing with the state Department of Labor shows,” Crain’s reported. “The store has about 165 unionized employees.”