Is knightville Dam open?

The Knightville Dam and Picnic Area are now closed until further notice for ongoing construction activities.

Why is knightville dam closed?

Huntington Police Chief Robert Garriepy said the Army Corps of Engineers, that runs both Littleville and Knightville Dams, made the decision to close them based on the volume of traffic. He said people from all over had started to congregate and picnic at the recreational areas.

Is littleville Lake open?

The Littleville Lake Reservoir Area is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Situated in the scenic Berkshire Hills, hikers and sightseers can enjoy wandering along the old cart roads that run on both sides of the lake.

When was littleville dam built?

October 1965
Littleville Lake is a multipurpose reservoir, serving as a backup water supply area for Springfield in addition to its flood control function. Construction of the dam began in June 1962 and was completed in October 1965, costing $6.8 million.

When was knightville dam built?

December 1941
Knightville Dam also helps to reduce damages along the main stem of the Connecticut River. Construction of the project began in August 1939 and was completed in December 1941 at a cost of $3.3 million.

Can you kayak on littleville Lake?

Littleville Lake has a large parking lot, boat launch and hiking trails. Perfect for kayaking and fishing. There is also a boat launch at the other end of the lake on kinnebrook road in Chester.

Where is the Knightville dam?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to Knightville Dam. The dam and reservoir area are located in the scenic Berkshire foothills along the East Branch of the Westfield River. Most of the 2,430 acres of the Knightville Dam area is undeveloped.

Where do I pick up my key for the Knightville dam?

Upon check-in, key must be picked up at the Knightville Dam office at 49 Knightville Dam Road in Huntington, MA. At check-out, all gates and doors must be locked and key returned to dam office. All departing campers must be out of campground by check-out time.

Why invest in Knightville dam?

Knightville Dam is a valuable asset to the surrounding communities, providing recreational opportunities and preserving the natural areas within the flood risk management project.

What to do in the Knightville basin?

In summertime and early autumn the open areas of the basin have spectacular blooms of wildflowers. These old fields attract many species of songbirds and butterflies. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of deer, coyotes, beavers, grouse, turkeys or waterfowl. The Knightville reservoir area is a Massachusetts Watchable Wildlife site.