Is moon phase a good anime?

Overall: Overall, Tsukuyomi -MOON PHASE- isn’t necessary a bad anime but nor is it a good one, if you want to watch good and deep romance anime, I would suggest you keep away from this. But if you just want a casual romantic comedy that keeps you busy then pick this up….Reviews.

Overall 9
Story 8
Animation 9
Sound 9
Character 9

How many volumes of tsukuyomi moon phase are there?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

月詠 (Tsukuyomi)
Magazine Comic Gum
Demographic Seinen
Original run March 2000 – March 27, 2008
Volumes 16

What anime is tsukuyomi from?

Tsukuyomi | Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Wiki | Fandom.

How old is Hazuki in moon phase?

Main characters. A 14-year-old selfish but adorable vampire, Hazuki was separated from her mother and restrained in a castle in Germany. She escapes the castle with Kouhei’s help and flees to Japan in search of her mother.

Is Soul Eater an anime?

Soul Eater is Bones’ third anime series to run with 50-51 episodes, after 2003’s Fullmetal Alchemist and 2005’s Eureka Seven. The anime was regularly broadcasted Mondays at 6:00 PM on TV Tokyo.

What’s up with the moon in Soul Eater?

It is seen as the negative to the Sun’s positive energy. It can also be seen as a symbol of the madness present in the series. It is often there when insanity is in the air, looking insane itself along with some of the characters.

What does tsukuyomi mean?

the moon god
Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto (ツクヨミノミコト, 月読命), or simply Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ, 月読) or Tsukiyomi (ツキヨミ), is the moon god in Japanese mythology and the Shinto religion. The name “Tsukuyomi” is a compound of the Old Japanese words tsuku (月, “moon, month”, becoming modern Japanese tsuki) and yomi (読み, “reading, counting”).

Can Sasuke use Tsukuyomi?

Short answer. Sasuke can not use Tsukuyomi. When fighting Kabuto, Sasuke used a regular Sharingan genjutsu on Itachi. Sasuke’s left eye creates Amaterasu, and his right eye manipulates the flames.

What is Amaterasu Naruto?

Amaterasu is a Mangekyō Sharingan dōjutsu, and the highest level of Fire Release. Said to represent the “Material World and Light” (物質界と光, Busshitsukai to Hikari), Amaterasu is the antipode to Tsukuyomi.

What moon phase is Artemis?

the new moon phase
Artemis, a hunter, is the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo. She was the protector of animals, who would dwell in places of nature, harnessing that energy to rest and regain strength. Those loyal to this lunar goddess were known as Amazons which translates to “moon women” and they worshiped the new moon phase.