Is OMICS International legitimate?

OMICS International is not a bona fide scholarly publisher. It does not operate in good faith and victimizes honest researchers. OMICS International is a major source of annoying spam and a threat to science. It is a predatory publisher and is included on my list.

Is omics a good journal?

OMICS International has been successful in making its spot in scientific community with 700 high quality peer-reviewed journals with the support of 50000 Editorial Board, publishing more than 13000 articles in a year which are accessible to more than 100000 scholars worldwide through World Wide Web.

What are fake conferences?

Fake conferences are NOT non-existent conferences that simply take registration and publishing fees. They are real conferences, but they are marked by poor quality and a high level of deception.

Is Magnus Group A predatory conference?

Definitely predatory. I received an invitation from them to be an ‘Honourable Guest Speaker’ to deliver research on cancer diagnosis.

What does omics stand for?

Omics definition ōmĭks, ŏmĭks. Any of the fields employing this approach, as proteomics or metabolomics. noun. 2. Analysis of large amounts of data representing an entire set of some kind, especially the entire set of molecules, such as proteins, lipids, or metabolites, in a cell, organ, or organism.

What do you know about omics International?

OMICS International is an international science publisher that popularizes researched scientific information through its 700+ Open Access Online Science Journals and has organized over 1000 scientific conferences all over the world.

What is omics journal?

OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of omics (e.g. genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.) and integrative biology published by Mary Ann Liebert.

How do I find a reputable conference?

Academic Conferences: How to Find a Conference or Meeting

  1. Consult the society’s website for conference, meeting, or event information.
  2. Follow or like your society on social media sites to receive announcements and updates.
  3. Subscribe to a discipline listserv for conference updates and calls for proposals.

Is ConferenceSeries com legit?

“ConferenceSeries is a group of criminal fraudsters (usually with Indian background) who need to be rounded up and severely punished. Their assets should be seized to recompense the many, many, many who have been tricked.

Is United Scientific Group legit?

Usg United Scientific Group is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2019, and donations are tax-deductible.

What are omic groups?

The branches of science known informally as omics are various disciplines in biology whose names end in the suffix -omics, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, phenomics and transcriptomics.

Is omics fake academics?

In December 2016 The New York Times published an article on the big business of fake academia. OMICS was featured as being the most extreme of the lot. I would recommend staying away from OMICS.

Is omics a victim of OA publishing misconduct?

OMICS has played the victim card as a honest OA publisher unjustly attacked by paper based journal publishers. This position however does not hold given the factual solidity of the complaints, the lack of arguments from the defendants to justify their actions, and the documented misconduct in the judgment itself [7].

Is OMICS in Kurdistan fake?

Yes according to BioScience in Kurdistan OMICS is fake see the like below: State Higher Vocational School in Raciborz. Thank You all of You for the warning and valuable information.

Who is liable for injonctives and monetary relief from omics?

Srinubabu Gedela was furthermore recognised to be liable for injonctives and monetary relief. On the 29th of March 2019, The United States District Court of Nevada ruled that OMICS was guilty of prohibited misrepresentations regarding publishing services and conferences and ordered to pay the US government the sum of $50’130’810 [7].