Is RCI owned by Wyndham?

RCI is part of Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND).

Can I use RCI points at Wyndham resorts?

As a member of RCI you have the flexibility to deposit your Club Wyndham points into RCI, search availability across the globe, and use those points to book your bucket list trip.

What company owns Wyndham timeshare?

Travel + Leisure
In 2018, Wyndham Worldwide spun off its hotel division as Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and changed its own name to Wyndham Destinations and then to Travel + Leisure in 2021 following the acquisition of the brand from Meredith Corp….Travel + Leisure Co.

Formerly Wyndham Worldwide (2006–2018)
Headquarters Orlando, Florida, United States

Does Hilton own RCI?

While RCI Exchange is affiliated with its parent company Wyndham Worldwide (and WorldMark) and Interval is connected to its parent company Marriott Vacations Worldwide, most other brands are affiliated with one of these two predominant exchange companies — Hilton Grand Vacations partners with RCI, Westgate with II.

Is Wyndham part of travel Leisure?

Wyndham Destinations, the world’s largest vacation ownership business as part of Travel + Leisure Co.

When did Wyndham by RCI?

In July 2007, RCI was merged with Holiday Cottages Group, another of Wyndham Worldwide’s subsidiaries. The two would still retain their individual names but operated under the parent name Group RCI until 2010, when the two companies changed the name to Wyndham Exchange and Rentals.

How do I convert Wyndham points to RCI?

You can deposit your Club Wyndham points into RCI beginning 10 months prior to your Use Year start date, and up to the last day of your Use Year. Once Transfer is completed. Maintenance & Exchange Fees: As a WorldMark owner, you can use your Wyndham Rewards points toward maintenance fees, RCI Exchange Fees, and more.

How do I transfer WorldMark points to RCI?

Log in to your RCI account:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to the ‘RCI & exchanges’ section.
  3. Click on ‘Explore RCI resorts’to link to your RCI® subscribing member account.
  4. LOG IN. or call 1.800.585.4833.

How can I get out of my Wyndham timeshare?

Contact the seller and tell them that you want out of the Wyndham timeshare contract.

  1. They will require you to send a cancellation letter.
  2. That letter must expressly state that you’re canceling the contract.
  3. Include the property name, address, and contract number.
  4. Include the date.
  5. Don’t forget to sign it.

Can I sell my Club Wyndham timeshare?

Can I sell my Club Wyndham timeshare? As the owner, you are definitely able to sell your Club Wyndham timeshare if you choose to. Before you sell, make sure to research all of your options, such as renting out your ownership, gifting it to a friend or family member, or giving it back to Wyndham.