Is Shiro dead in Voltron?

Shiro’s body literally dies. His consciousness remains in the black lion, and tries to reach out to Lance to explain what happened to him. The team doesn’t realize that he actually died, but Shiro (and the presence of many clones in Haggar’s possession) makes it clear that he did.

Who died in Voltron: Legendary Defender?

Prince Lotor – Died of overexposure to quintessence when Allura trapped him in the quintessence field by transferring Voltron’s excess quintessence to his mech and overloading it.

Is Adam from Voltron dead?

Sendak decimates the fighters and despite Adam’s excellent piloting, the battle was lost. Adam was the last left alive when his aircraft was hit and he dies in a fireball.

Is EZOR dead?

Ezor is last seen at the end of the episode, after they’ve tied Lotor up and he’s escaped.

Who gets married in Voltron?

Voice Actor. Curtis is a member of the IGF-Atlas crew and later Shiro’s husband, marrying him during the “one year later” montage at the end of Season 8.

Who does Keith end up with?

Are Keith and Lance together?

Princess Allura
Spouse Keith Kogane (Voltron Force)
Significant others Lance (Legendary Defender) Prince Lotor (formerly, Legendary Defender)
Relatives Avok (cousin) Princess Romelle (cousin) Bandor (cousin) Queen Orla (aunt)
Nationality Arusian/Altean (depending on continuity)

Who is Shiro’s husband Voltron?

Curtis is Shiro’s husband as of the end of Season 8. He works for the Galaxy Garrison on the IGF-Atlas bridge.

Does Keith end up with Acxa?

The ending to the series was purposefully ambiguous, and Kacxa is, according to some fans, implied to be canon; as they work together within the Blade of Marmora. Though series-wise, their relationship is platonic. Keith saving Acxa from a crashed ship is similar to how his father saved his mother Korolia.

What happened narti Voltron?

After encountering Haggar and seemingly being possessed, Narti is killed by Lotor when he realizes she is being used as a spy for the witch.

What episode does Keith and pidge kiss?

Taking Flight is the sixth episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Did Si Robertson die on Duck Dynasty?

Did Si Robertson Die? Fans of Duck Dynasty and its spinoffs know Uncle Si well. So if news breaks that he died, it’s bound to cause a little chaos. A report from a certain website has caused such panic. The report states that Si Robertson was found dead in the woods not far from the DD equipment warehouse.

What happened to Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty?

Shocking news from the Duck Dynasty compound. Silas Robertson, also known as Uncle Si, was found unresponsive in the woods just a few miles south from the DD equipment warehouse. This item was not a factual recounting of real-life events.

Is Duck Dynasty coming back in 2016?

After Cancellation , ‘Duck Dynasty’ Makes Unexpected Announcement. Fans were crushed in August 2016 when Jessica Robertson announced that her family’s spin-off show Jep & Jessica : Growing the Dynasty would be ending after only one season.