Is Showtime bring back Dexter?

Last October, Showtime announced it was reviving the serial killer drama for a 10-episode season with Hall back as Dexter Morgan, nearly eight years after wrapping the original series.

Is there going to be season 9 of Dexter?

It looks like fans should get ready to see Dexter kill again, as it’s been announced Showtime has revived the series for a 10-episode season 9 (via Deadline).

Will there be a Dexter season 11?

No, there will not be an episode 11 in Dexter: New Blood season 1. That’s because the Showtime series only consists of 10 episodes in total and the final instalment has now aired.

Was Dexter Cancelled or ended?

January 9, 2022Dexter / Final episode date

Is Dexter still on Showtime?

When Showtime announced the Dexter revival, few people thought it would be as successful “We accomplished what we hoped to do beyond our wildest dreams. Right now, we are still enjoying the closure of Dexter. It’s not uninteresting [to continue

When will Dexter return?

Filming began in early 2021. Showtime initially said that the revival has a tentative premiere date of fall 2021. The April 2021 teaser stressed that the Dexter revival would premiere in fall 2021. The Dexter revival will consist of 10 episodes. Cast. Michael C. Hall, who played the one and only Dexter Morgan, will return for the limited series. However, he won’t be the only familiar face coming back for the revival.

When is season 9 of Dexter?

While this all sounds intriguing, the reason why a potential Dexter season 9 or spin-off never came to fruition is due to Hall’s adamance about never playing the character again. “Michael was

When does Dexter reboot start?

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