Is Telecharge a legitimate website?

Yes, is the official vendor for many shows and concerts. You are fine. Telecharge is legit. All broadway shows sell trough either ticketmaster or telecharge, depending the theatre the show is playing at.

Are Ticketmaster Broadway tickets legit?

Ticketmaster is absolutely safe — it’s the major ticketing service for Broadway.

How do I get Bruce Springsteen tickets on Broadway?

HOW DO I BUY TICKETS? is the official ticketing provider of “Springsteen on Broadway” Tickets for “Springsteen on Broadway” will go on sale on on June 10 at noon ET. Buy tickets here. At the time of on sale, you may have to wait in a digital queue before being able to browse for tickets.

What is Broadway dot? features online theater ticketing and phone sales through 1.800. BROADWAY for every Broadway show, most off-Broadway shows and shows in London’s West End. The website also offers consumer and corporate gift certificates.

Is Telecharge the same as Ticketmaster? is one of only two official Broadway ticket selling companies that sells tickets over the internet and over the telephone (the other is Ticketmaster). All Broadway shows that are in Shubert owned theatres are forced to use the Telecharge ticket service to sell their tickets, whether they like it or not.

Are Bruce Springsteen on Broadway tickets sold-out?

Bruce Springsteen’s show is sold-out for its entire run.

Has Springsteen on Broadway sold-out?

Springsteen was honored with a Special Tony Award for the sold-out engagement. Broadway performances were filmed and subsequently released as a Netflix special and album.

Is Broadway com a real site?

It’s a legit site that charges high fees. We’ve talked about that site here dozens of times, always good to remind folks to compare before they buy.

Are Broadway box tickets reviews reliable?

Specific discount stubs for hotels on the site are also reliable. According to many Broadway Box Tickets reviews, there are a lot of Broadway shows in New York where tickets can be discounted. Shows in Las Vegas, Orlando and even in London also be found on the site.

Are Broadway tickets genuine or fake?

Most Broadway Tickets are genuine, but there are some cases where ticket buyers have been ripped off. When it comes to buying Broadway tickets on the secondary ticket market in New York City, there are a number of ticket scams that you should watch out for.

Do you need a physical Broadway ticket anymore?

The success of the Internet has meant that the days of “Broadway tickets in hand” are fast disappearing, with many Broadway tickets taking the form of a confirmation e-mail printed out on a sheet of paper. Now that Broadway theaters are scanning rather than tearing tickets, a physical ticket isn’t necessary – they just need the bar code.

Can I get a refund on my Broadway tickets?

Obviously most reputable ticket brokers will refund your purchase price when you tell them what happened, but your night at a Broadway show is ruined (Not forgetting the embarrassment at the door too). 4. Virtual Tickets (E-mail Confirmations) are Replacing Physical Tickets