Is The Secret of Kells a real story?

Rooted in actual history, The Secret of Kells is a composite sketch of events that took place from about the seventh to the ninth century in Ireland. During this time, Viking raiders repeatedly plundered Iona, Lindisfarne, and other island monasteries around Scotland, Ireland, and northern England.

What religion is Secret of Kells?

Despite the Catholic setting and references to Christian tradition, there are even more concrete ones to Celtic paganism. One of the most important and memorable characters is Aisling, a shape-shifting spirit who lives in the forest outside Kells.

What time period is The Secret of Kells set in?

The film is set in the 8th century, when Viking raiders threatened to extinguish Irish monastic civilization. His parents killed in one such raid, 12-year-old novice Brendan lives within the walled monastery of Kells under the stern guardianship of his uncle, Abbot Cellach.

Is Secret of Kells Irish?

What you get is “The Secret of Kells,” a 75-minute independent Irish film directed by Tomm Moore and nominated for best animated feature at this year’s Academy Awards. It is a mesmerizing and poetic film that combines narrative momentum, conceptual depth, and an impressively stylized aesthetic.

Is the Book of Kells The oldest Book in the world?

One of its chief treasures is missing—viz., the Book of Kells, written by Saint COLUMBKIL in 475—the oldest book in the world, and the most perfect specimen of Irish art, with the richest illuminations, and valued at £12,000 . . . ” It was recounted that the loss was discovered when the Provost of Trinity College had …

Is the Book of Kells Pagan?

Although the Book of Kells is Christian in theme and purpose, its illuminated decorations show a pre-Christian, pagan origin. The Irish monks who produced the illuminated manuscripts hired local artists to do the decorations.

Is the Secret of Kells a religious movie?

THE SECRET OF KELLS is an absolutely fabulous, delightful animated movie. It tells the story of Brendan, a young Christian monk in the Abbey of Kells. Brendan is sent into the woods to gather berries that produce a beautiful green ink for an illustrated Latin manuscript of the four New Testament gospels.

Is the Book of Kells The oldest book in the world?

Who created the Book of Kells?

Traditionally, the book was thought to have been created in the time of Columba, possibly even as the work of his own hands. This tradition has long been discredited on paleographic and stylistic grounds: most evidence points to a composition date c. 800, long after St. Columba’s death in 597.

Is the Book of Kells a Bible?

The Book of Kells is an ancient manuscript—a book written out by hand long before printing was invented. It contains the words of the four Gospels of the Bible and is decorated with many beautiful pictures called illuminations.