Is there a Pantone color for black?

Pantone® Black | Spot-Color : This black is available as Pantone® Black C (coated), U, (Uncoated) and M (Matt).

Should I buy coated or uncoated Pantone?

So if you’re printing on something coated like poly tape, choosing a coated Pantone swatch will give you a more accurate representation of the final print. But if you’re printing on a kraft paper tape, that’s matte so you should choose an uncoated color.

What Pantone is pure black?

Pantone® Process Black | Spot-Color/’K100′ : This black is available as Pantone® Process Black C (coated), U, (Uncoated) and M (Matt).

What is the Pantone code for black?

PANTONE 19-0303 TCX. Jet Black.

What is Pantone solid uncoated?

Coated paper has a shiny gloss coating, and the ink sits atop the coating allowing for minimal ink absorption. Uncoated paper has no surface coating permitting maximum ink absorption into the paper. The same PANTONE color printed on coated and uncoated paper will have quite a different visual appearance.

What is Pantone solid coated used for?

Pantone colors are mainly used in offset printing, which uses ink instead of toner. You can print on both a coated and uncoated sheet in digital printing as well, but not all digital printers can handle pantone colors. Typically, coated paper is used to convey more vibrant color production.

Why does CMYK black look washed out?

Your screen is set to display blacks as Rich blacks, so your display is making 100k look darker than it actually does when going to print. Many people are under the misconception that 100k is really dark, but it is not due to the paper absorbing ink. Try this as a test and I believe this will become clear.

How do I print pure black?

A combination of all colors in CMYK will get you the best results. Using C 60, M 40, Y 40, K 100 color values ensures a solid black print. The quantity of ink applied will be absorbed into the sheet without any bleeding or transferring of color.