Is there an app for PM readers?

The eReader App The PM eCollection eReader app allows students and teachers to choose a reading profile based on the needs of learners in specific situations. The Guided Reading profile disables the audio and record functionality so that distractions are minimised.

What are the PM plus books?

PM Plus Story Books feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

What is PM online?

The PM eCollection is a collection of 250 eBooks on an eReader, available on any device, and a student management website, to be used in any guided reading or independent reading setting.

How many levels are there in PM reader?

Every PM reader is reading recovery/book banded approved from levels 1-30.

How do you access the teachers bookshelf in PM eCollection?

On the login screen, type in your username and password and then tap Login to access your bookshelf. Tap this button to register the iPad to an existing school account. Enter a teacher’s email address and password and tap Submit.

What is the PM app?

The PM eCollection eReader app allows teachers and students to use PM eBooks for guided reading. It utilises native iOS gestures to provide a seamless experience for young readers. “A great way to access a very thorough levelled reading resource. It is compact and accessible.”

What are PM books?

PM non-fiction books are written about subjects of interest to students at each reading level, and are presented logically, with careful research and accuracy. All of these elements contribute to students’ enjoyment in reading.

What is PM eCollection?

PM eCollection is designed to help independent and guided reading both at home and school to improve digital literacy. Your child has access to a personal account, which can be tailored to cater for their reading needs with a selection of PM levelled readers. PM eCollection Bookshelf app.

What reading level should a Year 2 be at Australia?

How Do I Choose The Right Level For My Child?

Book Level School Year/Grade Chronological Age
Level 6 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 3 6 years 1 months – 7 years 1 months
Level 7 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 4 6 years 4 months – 7 years 4 months
Level 8 Readers Year/Grade 2 Term 1 6 years 7 months – 7 years 7 months

What reading level should a Grade 2 be at Australia?

Our authors recommend levels 16-20 as an indicator for grade 2 and levels 21-25 as an indicator for grade 3.

How do you use PM eCollection?

When you are ready to record your voice, tap the microphone button at the bottom of the screen and begin to speak. Tap the button again to stop recording. Select the Play button beside My Recording to hear your recording again. To hear the original audio, tap PM eCollection on the menu and then the Play button.

What is pm reading and PM writing?

Reading: PM Starters , PM Stars, PM Gems, PM Photo Stories, PM Science Facts, PM Early Chapters, PM Shared, PM Plus and PM Library provide levelled fiction and non-fiction texts to develop children’s reading and comprehension skills over a gentle progression of finely graded levels. Writing: PM Writing explicitly links reading to writing.

What are pm story books and what are they for?

They have been specifically written for students in the middle to upper years with the needs of guided reading in mind. The PM Library software features PM Story Books which coincide with the PM Red–Silver colour levels.

What is the pm guided Reading Planner?

The PM Guided Reading Planner is a convenient, simple and streamlined digital teaching solution to enhance your guided reading lessons. The Planner is a central online platform where all teachers within a school can access supportive Teacher’s Notes and Student Activities for 1000+ PM Guided Reading books from Level 1 to 30.

What reading levels do pm non-fiction books cover?

The carefully levelled PM Non-Fiction books cover levels 3–30. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction book features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution.