Is ushna Shah sisters with Irsa Ghazal?

Ushna Shah (Urdu: اُشنا شاہ) is a Pakistani actress who works in Urdu cinema and television. She is the daughter of actress Ismat Tahira and sister of Irsa Ghazal.

Who is the mother of Irsa Ghazal?

Ismat Tahira
Ghazal is the daughter of former actress, Ismat Tahira. Her sister Ushna Shah is also an actress. Ghazal married to Sajid Shah in April 2021, who is also an actor.

Who is ushna Shah mother?

Ismat TahiraUshna Shah / Mother

Is ushna Shah Sindhi?

Ushna Shah is a Canadian Pakistani actor. Born to Iranian and Pakistani parents, her mother mother being the acclaimed actor and radio personality Ismat Tahira, Ushna has held a penchant for acting since a very young age.

Who is the mother of Zara Noor?

Asma AbbasZara Noor Abbas / Mother

Are Irsa Ghazal and Ushna Shah ready to share screen with each other?

Pakistan’s talented actor Ushna Shah is ready to share the screen with her half-sister Irsa Ghazal for the first time, as announced on Instagram. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday evening, Ushna shared a bunch of pictures with her half-sister, the veteran actor Irsa Ghazal to announce their first project together.

Is Ushna Shah related to Ismat Tahira?

Ushna Shah isn’t the only member of her family who belongs to the entertainment industry. This industry runs deep in her family. Ushna Shah is the daughter of the veteran artist Ismat Tahira. Ismat Tahira has worked on Radio and T.V back in 70s and 80s.

Is Isra Sajid Shah married?

Sajid Shah was already a married man and has a son from his first marriage whose name is Syed Tabrez Ali Shah. Most recently, She did a brilliant job in popular Pakistani dramas including Khaani, O Rangreza, and Ruswai. Isra has appeared in a lot of Pakistani dramas so far.

Who is Ismat Tahira’s son Shah Sharabeel?

Ismat Tahira’s son Shah Sharabeel is a director and producer in theatre mainly serious theatre. He has produced and directed many theatre plays like ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, ‘You only marry twice’. Have anything to add?