Is WoodWick owned by Yankee Candle?

In 2017 Newell Brands acquired Smith Mountain Industries, makers of the Woodwick brand of candles. Woodwick candles are now a premium brand sold by Yankee Candle.

What is a HearthWick candle?

HearthWick Flame Scented Candles combine the best features of WoodWick and RibbonWick candles. When burned, the candle sounds like a crackling fire, and the long flame provides a warm glow. These candles allow you to experience the cozy comfort of a glowing fireplace anywhere in your home.

What’s so special about WoodWick candles?

WoodWick candles have a reputation for burning cleaner than many other candles. They produce a natural smell and do not introduce additional smoke into your living space, that is, if they are used properly. When they are burned correctly, they can last for a very long time and burn without wasting wax.

Who makes WoodWick brand candles?

You’ve probably heard of, or seen, WoodWick candles – the brand is owned by Yankee Candle, and the products are unique thanks to their natural wooden wicks that create sounds of a crackling fire when you burn them.

How long does a WoodWick candle last?

Optimally, WoodWick candles can last for the following number of hours: WoodWick mini candle jar – Approximately 20 hours. WoodWick Hearthwick – Approximately 50 hours. WoodWick medium candle jar – Approximately 60 hours.

Where is WoodWick candles made?

Lynchburg, Virginia
The Virginia Candle Company, the developer of WoodWick candles, began operations in 1990 from their manufacturing facility in Lynchburg, Virginia. The company operates with the goal of making innovative and pure home interior products.

How many hours do WoodWick candles last?

Are you supposed to trim WoodWick candles?

keep your wick trimmed. Trim the wooden wick before your first burn to 1/4 inch. Before your next burn, we suggest using candle wick trimmers to trim the wood wick to 1/4 inch again before re-lighting. If the wick is too long, it cannot absorb the wax and burn properly.

Where is WoodWick made?

What kind of wood is in WoodWick candles?

Tip. Both hard and soft woods can be used to make wood wicks, but balsa wood sticks are the easiest and most affordable option available. They’re long, lightweight wooden craft sticks that can be found at most hobby stores. They come in several different sizes, which can all be made into wood wicks using this method.