Is word collect free?

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How many levels are on word collect?

2,500 levels
Word Collect at a Glance With over 2,500 levels to complete, Word Collect is a perfect app choice for any word game fan.

What are coins for in word collect?

If you run out of coins, you can choose to shuffle the letters making it easier for you to form new words. There is another option as well to get some more coins. You would have to watch a few advertisements. With each one that you complete, you can get some coins.

How do you use the word collect?

Collect sentence example

  1. I collect facts that are out there in the public domain.
  2. Decided to collect after all?
  3. With that in mind, she went downstairs to collect her valuables.
  4. He listened without saying a word as I revealed everything, including Julie’s effort to collect the million dollars.

What is the highest level in 4 pics 1 word?

4 pics 1 word is a word game developed by lotum gmbh. If you are looking for the answers be careful because the. There are 300 levels in total and they are spread out over 6 albums.

What are the golden apples for in the game word collect?

What do golden apples mean in Word collect? Guest Answered: Golden Apples are used as a point system in Leagues. They are earned by creating Word Streaks in normal gameplay and are sometimes rewards for completing certain limited-time Events.

How many levels are in Word collect?

How do you use collective in a sentence?

Collective sentence example

  1. In the world of the future, the collective experience of everyone on the planet is recorded.
  2. It was Betsy who summed up our collective thoughts.
  3. It will be the collective memory and experience of the planet.
  4. His collective works were published at Buda by Dobrentei in 1842.