Is Zytel a pa66?

Zytel® 101L NC010 is a lubricated polyamide 66 resin for injection molding.

What is Zytel material?

DuPont™ Zytel® is a portfolio of nylon resin materials proven in a wide range of applications. Zytel® products deliver high-performance benefits ranging from stiffness to heat resistance.

What is Zytel 70G13HS1L?

Zytel® 70G13HS1L BK031 is a 13% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized, black polyamide 66 resin for injection molding.

What is Zytel 70G33HS1L?

Zytel® 70G33HS1L BK031 is a heat-stabilized, 33% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 grade. Exhibits high mechanical strength, excellent balance of stiffness & toughness, good high temperature performance, good electrical as well as flammability properties.

How strong is Zytel?

Formulation Zytel HTN 35% Glass Reinforced Resin, consisting of 35% glass fiber by weight, has a tensile strength of around 30kpsi and a flexural modulus of 1500kpsi under room temperature conditions.

Where is Zytel manufactured?

Fluor served as a full-service contractor providing engineering, procurement, and construction management services for this $90-million DuPont Nylon / Zytel® chemical manufacturing facility in Pulau Sakra Island, Singapore.

Is Zytel a plastic?

The Zytel product line is based mostly on nylon 66, but also includes grades based on nylon 6 as a matrix, long chain nylons such as nylon 610 (if based on at least one renewable monomer they are branded Zytel RS), and copolymers including a transparent resin called Zytel 330.

Is Zytel nylon 66?

Zytel® 71G13HS1L Impact Modified, Heat stabilized and impact modified nylon 66 with 13% Heat Stabilized short glass fibers. Excellent toughness and outstanding dimensional stability.

Where is Zytel used?

Zytel is used in the frame and grip assemblies in many of the firearms manufactured by Kel-Tec. The original Laser roller skates had the plates and trucks made from Zytel. The frame of the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is made of this material.

What is Zytel filament?

Zytel® 3D filament is a modified long-chain nylon material that features excellent printing characteristics including good printing speeds and lower moisture absorption than PA 6 copolyamide, so you’ll get less variability during printing operations.

Can you 3D print Zytel?

Specifications. The Dupont™ Zytel® is a high performance material for 3D printing.

Can you print nylon with Ender 3?

All Ender 3s can only print with several key filaments right out of the box. Now that we’ve gone through what filaments you can use, let’s have a look at what you can’t: Nylon (polyamide): This material requires temperatures above 250 °C that the Ender setups can’t sustain.