Should I put a headache rack on my truck?

The rack offers a protective shield for the cab and the people inside the cab of the truck. Without a truck rack, heavy items in the bed of the truck could easily slide through the rear window of the cab and potentially strike the driver or passengers in the head.

What are truck headache racks for?

Headache racks take the headache out of transporting large items. They allow you to tie your cargo down securely so that it is not a hazard to you, other drivers or to your truck.

Where is the headache rack on a truck?

A headache rack is a vertical rack attached to the truck bed just behind the rear cab window. Headache racks are made of various materials, the most common ones being steel and aluminum alloy.

What is the point of a Backrack?

The most common design for a backrack is a vertical frame made of metal. Its traditional purpose is to keep cargo in the bed from going through the cab’s rear window and striking the occupants in the event of a front-end collision.

What do you call the rack on the back of a truck?

Truck drivers who come to the Mytee Products website looking for a shiny metal rack to mount to the backs of their cabs will find what they’re looking for under the ‘headache racks’ section of our website. Yes, we call them headache racks. Others call them cab racks.

What is Backrack for?

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What are the rails in my truck bed for?

These rails can serve as tie-down points for larger items that are being transported within the truck bed, and they can also be used as protection against dents and dings from objects that may be hanging over the side of the truck bed.