Was the clash popular in the 80s?

Their experimental third album, London Calling, released in the UK in December 1979, earned them popularity in the United States when it was released there the following month. A decade later, Rolling Stone named it the best album of the 1980s.

What did the clash rock in their 1980 hit?

However, that breakthrough did not come until the eclectic, sophisticated double album London Calling (released in the U.K. in 1979 and in the U.S. in 1980); steeped in reggae and rhythm and blues, it brought the Clash their first American hit single with Jones’s composition “Train in Vain (Stand by Me)”—an …

Why were the Clash so influential?

It’s really important because it shows the band’s versatility. The thing about the Clash that stood out is they were always looking for what was happening, what was coming up from the street. They took what was new and hadn’t broken through, mixed it with something accessible and made it the Clash.

What was The Clash known for?

Formed in 1976 in the vanguard of British punk, The Clash would soon become the most iconic rock band of their era, a symbol of intelligent protest and stylish rebellion in the turbulent years of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

What record label were the Clash on?

Sony Music Entertainment
Columbia RecordsEpic RecordsSony BMG Music Entertainment
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Were the Clash a good band?

They were the Clash, not only one of punk’s best bands but one of the best bands of any genre in the last 25 years. And there wasn’t much they did confess to liking on their debut album in 1977, besides Jamaican reggae and themselves.

Is the Clash the best band ever?

Clash have been voted the best punk band of all time by readers of THE SEX PISTOLS into second place. Punk godfathers Clash came third. In a surprising outcome the Internet only vote revealed that 29.9% of voters chose Ramones as the greatest punk band ever – the Sex Pistols achieved 23.3% of the vote.

What is The Clash’s best song?

The Clash’s 40 greatest songs – ranked!

  1. (White Man in) Hammersmith Palais (1978)
  2. Straight to Hell (1982)
  3. Complete Control (1977)
  4. Armagideon Time (1979)
  5. London Calling (1979)
  6. Bankrobber (1980)
  7. The Call Up (1980)
  8. The Magnificent Seven (1980)