Was the movie last call based on a true story?

Much of the action in Last Call is set in and around that endangered neighborhood bar, Callahan’s Tavern, which is based on the real-life Callahan’s Tavern on West Chester Pike in Upper Darby. Thanks to tax credits in New Jersey, the vast majority of the movie was shot in Bayonne.

Where is the movie last call set?

Upper Darby
“Last Call” is about growing up in Upper Darby and was written and produced by a local real estate developer Greg Lingo, who is now making his Hollywood debut.

How much did it cost to make last call?

Actors Jeremy Piven (left) and George Gibson discuss a scene with director Paolo Pilladi (center). The film cost less than $2 million to make and was funded by Lingo and a few friends. He wrote the script over several years, hiring four producers to help with casting, filming and production.

What is the film last call about?

A local success story, Mick (Jeremy Piven), returns to his old neighbourhood for a family emergency and is forced to stay when presented with a huge real estate opportunity.Last Call / Film synopsis

Where is Darby Heights New Jersey?

UPPER DARBY, Pa. “It’s definitely Delco based. The town in the movie is called Darby Heights, which is somewhat related to Upper Darby,” Greg Lingo, executive producer and co-writer, said. Lingo, Upper Darby Class of 1990 and quarterback of the football team, co-wrote the movie and is executive producer.

Where is Darby Heights NJ?

The fictional Philadelphia neighborhood Darby Heights in the 2021 IFC film Last Call is based on Upper Darby and the film features shots from the Terminal Square and Highland Park neighborhoods.

Why is last call Rated R?

The MPAA rated Last Call R for crude sexual content, pervasive language and some drug use.

What is Last Call rated?

RLast Call / MPAA rating

What movie is being made in Bayonne NJ?

Citrola Casting wants New Jersey kids ages 12 to 17 as (paid) extras for the movie, which is being filmed in Jersey City and Bayonne. “Armageddon Time,” directed by James Gray (”Ad Astra”), is a coming-of-age period drama inspired by his own life set in Queens before the 1980 election of President Ronald Reagan.

Why is Scarface rated R?

According to Mr. De Palma, the director of ”Carrie” and ”Blow Out,” the seven-member rating board gave ”Scarface” an X for ”excessive and cumulative violence and for language.