What AFI covers awards and decorations?

It supersedes and combines AFI 36-2803, The Air Force Military Awards and Decorations Program, AFI 36-2805, Special Trophies and Awards Program, and AFI 36-3108, Memorialization Program and Ceremonies.

What ribbons can I wear Air Force?

Decorations and Ribbons

Medal of Honor (MOH) Air Force Cross (AFC)
Silver Star Medal (SSM) Defense Superior Service Medal (DSSM)
Airman’s Medal (AmnM) Bronze Star Medal (BSM)
Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) Air Medal (AM)
Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM)

How many ribbons Does the Air Force have?

The two ribbons are the National Defense Service Ribbon given to everyone in uniform after their initial training and the Air Force Basic Military Training Ribbon given to all United States Air Force graduates. Do you think you have what it takes to graduate Air Force Basic Military Training for four ribbons?

Who has the most ribbons in the Air Force?

Hackney (June 5, 1947 – September 3, 1993), of Flint, Michigan, a United States Air Force Pararescueman, was the most decorated enlisted man in USAF history and the recipient of 28 decorations for valor in combat and more than 70 awards and decorations in all.

Are thin ribbons authorized Air Force?

Yes, our ribbons and medals are made from government approved materials to standards set forth by the Institute of Heraldry and are authorized for wear by all branches of service.

Where can I find my Air Force ribbons?

You may view your decorations by going to the virtual Military Personnel Flight at mypers://myPers.af.mil -> Access AFPC Secure -> vMPF.

Is a Commendation Medal a big deal?

Although the Commendation Medal isn’t uncommon in today’s military service, it’s a great achievement all the same. Service members who display acts of heroism or meritorious achievements while performing their duties should be recognized for their contribution to their unit and the nation.

How many lines can a MSM be?

How to Write the Meritorious Service Medal Citation. The citation is the text that will be read during the presentation of the award. The text is limited to 15 lines.