What age is good for Sesame Place?

Sesame Place is a theme park for younger children and their families. It’s based on the Sesame Street television show and its characters. Unlike other parks, this park is geared for children ages 3-10. While the park may focus on the little tikes, there are activities that will thrill kids of all ages.

Do you need 2 days at Sesame Place?

You do need at least 1.5-2 days. over a year ago. The Park is small enough to hit in a day but if your doing a family vacation hit it a couple of days.

Is Sesame Place appropriate for a 1 year old?

With free admission for kids under two, rides designed for toddlers and plenty of opportunities to hug and high-five Sesame Street’s most beloved furry friends, the best age to start visiting Sesame Place is right now!

Is 7 too old for Sesame Place?

It was a special trip for our family to take this summer and I hope to tell you all about how to get the most out of your trip to Sesame Place in this guide. Whether you’re 2 or 32, kids of all ages are sure to enjoy Sesame Place!

What should I wear to Sesame Place?

Pack smart to avoid unnecessary purchases in the park. Bring sunscreen, hats, towels & swim diapers (if needed) for the water park. Additionally, have kids dressed in their swimsuits and flip-flops before arriving at the park. Since Sesame Place has both wet and dry rides, you’ll want to come prepared for both.

Is Sesame Place good for 3 year olds?

Sesame Place is the perfect amusement park for toddlers and preschoolers. Everything is geared toward their age group and almost every ride or attraction is accessible for them. There are also many quiet areas when you need to take a break. My 3 year old had a blast and can’t wait to go back again.

Is the water heated at Sesame Place?

Don’t forget the swimsuits! Sesame Place is another great destination for Southern California water park fans. Families can splash in heated pools and swoosh down water slides, plus ride an inner tube down Big Bird’s Rambling River and play in a pool surrounded by a sandy beach.

What should I bring to Sesame Place?

Can you leave Sesame Place and come back?

Can I get back into the park? Upon exiting to the parking lot, guests who wish to re-enter the park on the day of their visit must have their admission ticket or Season Pass and proceed through bag check areas.

Do you need to bring towels to Sesame Place?

Sesame Place is not only an amusement/theme park, but it’s also a water park! So wear bathing suits (or pack them, there’s dressing rooms to change), bring towels, sunscreen, plastic bags for wet clothes, water shoes, etc.

Do parents pay at Sesame Place?

All guests 2 years and older must purchase admission tickets or season passes to visit Sesame Place. All admission ticket and season pass pricing is the same for children and adults.