What are common Greek phrases?

Basic Greek Words and Phrases

  • Hello: Γειά σου (YAH-soo)
  • Nice to meet you: Χάρηκα πολύ (HA-ree-ka po-LEE)
  • How are you?: Tι κανείς (tee-KAH-nis)?
  • Good morning: Καλημέρα (kah-lee-MER-ah)
  • Good afternoon/evening: Καλησπέρα (kah-lee-SPER-ah)
  • Goodnight: Καληνύχτα (kah-lee-NEEKH-tah)
  • Thank you: Ευχαριστώ (eff-kha-ri-STOE)

What are some common words that come from ancient Greek?

Antique, idol, dialogue, geography, grammar, architect, economy, encyclopaedia, telephone, microscope… all these common English words have something in common: they’re derived from Greek.

What are some Greek words we use today?

21 Greek Words Used In English

  • acrobat. From the word akri (άκρη — “tip” or “edge”) and the verb vaino (βαίνω — “to walk”), an acrobat is someone who walks on the edge, often on tiptoe.
  • cemetery.
  • cynicism.
  • democracy.
  • dinosaur.
  • Europe.
  • galaxy.
  • hermaphrodite.

What does yelling Opa mean?

Opa (Greek: ώπα) is a common North African and East Mediterranean emotional expression. It is frequently used during celebrations such as weddings or traditional dancing. In Greek culture, the expression sometimes accompanies the act of plate smashing.

What can we learn from the most famous Greek quotes?

After reading the most famous Greek quotes, you can also get informed about the famous Greek people. One thing i know, that i know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom. Good people do not need law to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

Should you learn common phrases before you travel to Greece?

So get ahead of the curve and try to learn some common phrases (and even a little Greek slang) before you go. We assure you that attempting (and even butchering) the most basic of phrases with locals will make the trip more memorable — and perhaps even lead to a lasting friendship.

What are some Greek words that mean anything?

21 English Words That Are Actually Greek (And The Stories Behind Them) 1 1. Thespian. Thespian is a fancy word for actor, especially a theater actor. The name comes from Thespis himself, a 6th century B.C. Ancient Greek 2 2. Tele + word. 3 3. Sycophant. 4 4. Schizophrenia. 5 5. Sarcasm.

What are some Greek words that have mythological origins?

Now that we’re on the subject, many Greek words used in English have mythological origins. Galaxy, a.k.a. the Milky Way, comes from the Greek word for milk, gala (γάλα). According to one myth, the Milky Way was created by Zeus’s baby son, Heracles, after he tried suckling on his step-mother’s milk while she slept.