What are good names for feisty cats?

Famous Feisty Cat Names

  • Beast.
  • Chaz.
  • Shere khan.
  • Nova.
  • Olympia.
  • Queen.
  • Cheshire.
  • Si.

What is a good name for a sassy cat?

Calling all queens, divas, and trendsetters – here is our list of the most finger snappin’ (or should I say claw wavin’) female names: Cleopatra. Sable. Jinx.

What should I name my hyper kitten?

Badass Hyper Cat Names

  • Flurry.
  • Frolic.
  • Sprint.
  • Mischief.
  • Asta.
  • Tesla.
  • Brisk.
  • Eggbert.

What is the sassiest cat?

The 11 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds:

  • Siamese.
  • Sphynx.
  • Bombay.
  • Bengal.
  • Scottish Fold.
  • Pixie Bob.
  • Egyptian Mau.
  • American Wirehair.

What is the funniest cat name for a male cat?

If you are looking for the funniest cat name for your male kitty, this top 20 list will save you a great deal of stress: Angus: Originated from Scotland. These are the types who love to be independent.

What is a good name for a strong cat?

A matching name for a well-built, strong kitty. Ashley: It is a popular English name that connotes from the as tree field. Other variations include Ashely, Ashlie and Ashly. Boaz: Boaz is a unique Hebrew name that means strength. Bradley: It is a popular English surname that means from the broad meadow. Bradley Whitford is a famous actor.

What are some cool cat names for a house?

Simba: Simba is of African origin, specifically Kiswahili and it means lion. Cool for that lion-lookalike kitty. Toby: It is an English form of Tobiah or Tobias and the name means God is good. Ginger: Possibly an orange cat, Chester is the perfect. Houdini: Usually, escapes from your room. Yeti: He has a relative Bigfoot. A cat with extra toes.

What is a good name for a big gray cat?

Magnum: Magnum is a perfect name for that big gray kitty. It is of Latin origin meaning big or great. March: It is a unisex English name that means month of March or walk in unison. The month was named after Mars, the Greed god of war. Nero: This name is of Latin origin and it means powerful.