What are some of the ethical legal and social issues the program is studying?


  • Privacy and Fairness in the Use and Interpretation of Genetic Information. Privacy.
  • Clinical Integration of Genetic Technologies. Clinical Ethical Issues.
  • Issues Surrounding Genetics Research. Informed Consent.
  • Professional-Health. Professional-Other.

What is the purpose of the ELSI?

Subsequently, ELSI began as a research program in 1990, and the “I” for ELSI originally stood for “Implications.” The purpose of ELSI research is to predict the potential impact on individuals and society, stimulate public debate, and examine how human genome information can be used to benefit individuals and society.

What are some ethical issues students face?

Academic Integrity.

  • Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Dating and Sexuality.
  • Diversity.
  • Family.
  • Friendship and Roommates.
  • The Greek System.
  • Beyond the Campus.
  • What does a strong ethics program need?

    a strong ethics program includes a written code of conduct; an ethics officer to oversee the program; careful delegation of authority; formal ethics training; and rigorous auditing, monitoring, enforcement, and revision of program standards. Without a strong program, problems are likely to occur.

    What do ELSI researchers do?

    ELSI researchers identify and explore societal and ethical issues associated with the conduct and application of scientific research. As such, ELSI research studies other forms of research (Nydal et al., 2015).

    What are the applications of Human Genome Project?

    Some of the different fields where human genome project application is used are: (a) Molecular Medicine (b) Waste Control and Environmental Cleanup (c) Biotechnology (d) Energy Sources (e) Risk Assessment (f) DNA Forensics (Identification).

    How does the human genome project impact society?

    Between 1988 and 2010 the human genome sequencing projects, associated research and industry activity—directly and indirectly—generated an economic (output) impact of $796 billion, personal income exceeding $244 billion, and 3.8 million job-years of employment.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the HGP?

    The Human Genome Project is beneficial for science and preventing disease and curing diseases. However, it raises ethical issues as it can cause discrimination by employers and insurers.