What are the 4 types of social styles?

What are the 4 SOCIAL STYLEs? The Four SOCIAL STYLEs are the Driving Style, the Expressive Style, the Amiable Style, and the Analytical Style. TRACOM created the SOCIAL STYLE Model based on the four unique Styles, with each having different ways of using time and predictable ways of interacting and making decisions.

How do I find my social style?

Total your score on Assertiveness & divide by 15. Then total your score on Responsiveness & divide by 15. Determine your combination of score to identify your Social Style. The degree to which a person attempts to control situations or the thoughts and actions of others.

What is social style theory?

Social styles is a theory by two pyschologists – Reid and Merrill, who found that everyone has natural behaviours and a preferred style of communication.

What is social communication style?

Wilson Learning’s social style model defines four primary communication styles—Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical. As the model shows, the four styles vary in terms of behaviors reflecting the dimensions of Assertiveness (Tell) versus Responsiveness (Ask) and Task versus People orientation.

What is analytical social style?

The Analytical Style: Thoughtful, Reserved & Slow-paced People with an Analytical SOCIAL STYLE are typically described by others as quiet, logical and sometimes reserved or cautious. They tend to appear distant from others and may not communicate unless there is a specific need to do so.

What is an analytical social style?

What is dominant social style?

In social interaction it is common for people to want things from others. In making requests they may be highly assertiveness or they may make requests at a lower, even passive level. This dimension is sometimes also called ‘dominance’.

What is social style matrix?

The social style matrix is based on patterns of communication that characterize communication behavior based on two dimensions: assertiveness and responsiveness. Analyticals focus on facts, details, and analysis to decide but are reserved in their interactions with people. They want to know the “how.”

What is a behavioral profile?

A Behavior Profile is an analysis of a specific behavior. It delineates logical pathways from the behavior to the factors and supporting actors influencing the behavior, to program strategies.

What are the three different styles of behaviour?

Three fundamental types of behaviour can be distinguished: the purely practical, the theoretical-practical, and the purely theoretical.