What are the different types of bathtub drain stoppers?

The most common types of bathtub drain stoppers are lift-and-turn, push-and-pull, pop-up, toe-touch, flip-it, and trip lever. Identifying which type you have will help you when it becomes necessary to fix or replace your drain stopper.

How can I stop tub without stopper?

Twist a wet washcloth tightly or wet a sponge that has been rolled to fit the drain. Place the cloth or sponge inside a plastic sandwich bag. Squeeze as much air out as you can and zip it closed or use a rubber band to secure it. Stuff the bag into the drain.

How do you remove a twist drain plug?

Unscrew the knob on the top of the drain stopper to see if there is a set-screw underneath. If your drain stopper has a set-screw, use a small screwdriver or a hex key to unscrew it. Twist the entire stopper counterclockwise until it pulls free from its mounting post. Remove the mounting post using pliers.

How do you remove a twist and turn drain?

If your stopper has a top cap, twist counter-clockwise to remove it before removing the cylinder base by turning counter-clockwise. In some cases, you may need to use a standard flathead screwdriver to unscrew the cylinder from the strainer crossbar.

How do you use a bath bomb?

How to use a bath bomb

  1. Fill your tub with water that’s comfortable to the touch.
  2. Make sure you don’t fill your tub straight to the top—you could lose some of your beautiful bath bomb water when you get in.
  3. Drop in the bath bomb of your dreams and enjoy the show.
  4. Get in and enjoy!

What is a trip lever?

Many toilets employ a type of trip lever to move water from the tank into the bowl. A trip lever is a type of mechanism that is found in many different bathtub designs. The purpose for the lever is to allow for the easy and quick movement of the tub stopper.

How do you remove a flip top plug?

How to Remove a Pop-Up Drain Stopper

  1. Open the Drain. Flip the lever on the overflow faceplate so that the plug is popped up in the open position.
  2. Remove the Drain Stopper Plug and Rocker Arm.
  3. Unscrew the Overflow Faceplate.
  4. Remove the Rod Assembly.
  5. Inspect, Clean, or Replace.

How do you remove a trip lever drain stopper?

How to Remove a Trip-Lever Drain Stopper

  1. Remove the clip that holds the overflow cover plate to the plunger rod.
  2. Try spraying some WD-40 down the overflow drain pipe where the plunger sits.
  3. Use pliers to grip the rod and attempt to lift straight up on the plunger.