What are the five critical situations that must be reported?

These are:

  • incidents that result in a worker fatality, or result or may result in a worker being admitted to hospital.
  • an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood.
  • a crane, derrick or hoist collapse or upset.
  • a full or partial building or structural collapse or failure.

Is there any mandatory training for workers in Alberta?

An employer must ensure that each health and safety committee co-chair or health and safety representative completes a mandatory training course. The mandatory course is six to eight hours long. Employers are required to allow workers time to complete the training.

What is the Alberta OHS Code?

The OHS Code sets the technical requirements for health and safety in Alberta’s workplaces.

What is OH&S called now?

Workplace Health and safety is just the new term for occupational health and safety. The change in terminology came in early 2012 when new WHS laws began in most states and territories of Australia.

Is OSH and OHS the same?

Occupational safety addresses potential safety hazards that can cause injury, whereas occupational health addresses potential health concerns. Occupational safety pertains more to the physical well-being of employees, while occupational health covers the employees’ overall well-being.

How do I report to Ohs?

Serious injuries and incidents also need to be reported to OHS as soon as possible through the OHS Contact Centre at 1-866-415-8690. For more information see Reporting and investigating injuries and incidents.

Should I be paid for training on my day off?

Legally, you do not have to pay employees if they request time off for training or study that isn’t required for them to carry out their job.

Do employers have to pay for training Alberta?

Employers in Alberta are typically required by law to pay their employees for training time. However, it’s important for employers to recognize exceptions to this rule as well as their legal obligations under the Employment Standards Code (ESC).

What are the OHS standards?

The field of occupational health and safety sets standards to mandate the elimination, mitigation, or substitution of jobsite hazards. OHS programs also include processes and procedures to minimize the consequences of workplace incidents. Occupational health and safey is a very broad umbrella.

What does the Alberta OHS Act do?

Overview. Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is responsible for enforcing OHS laws through inspections, investigations and prosecutions. The legislation establishes minimum standards for safe and healthy practices in Alberta workplaces.