What are the modules in SAP HR?

SAP HR consist of the following modules. 1) Organizational Management 2) Personnel Administration 3) Time Management 4) Payroll Accounting, and 5) Travel Management. Organizational management represent the organizational plan and analysis of the current plan.

What is Lgmst feature in SAP HR?

LGMST is a feature used to default values for planned payment specification from T539A.It is used for payroll wage types.Eg: IT0008, we can default the no of wage types depending on comp code, pers area etc etc… In short we can default how many wagetypes & which wage types needed in the particular IT.

What are the sub modules in SAP HR?

We therefore concentrate on the most important modules, to which all partial modules and additional functions are subordinated:

  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Personnel Time Management (PT)
  • Payroll Accounting (PY)
  • Organizational Management (OM)
  • Personnel development (talent management)
  • Training and Event Management (PE)

What default values can be defined using the Tarif feature?

Feature TARIF defaults the values of Pay scale type/Pay scale area, which means to say only 2 values.

What is the difference between SAP HCM and SAP HR?

SAP HR is a completely SAP module where as SAP HCM is a Business Suite. SAP HR can be developed and customized by ABAP Codes where HCM can be developed by web based tool. HCM results is diplayed in web portal.

What is the difference between HR and SAP HR?

SAP-HR is with the basic modules of PA, OM,Time Payroll. SAP-HCM i.e Human Capital Management comes with New Modules like E-recruitment, E-learning, Talent acquisition, Performance workflow. HCM is basically the New version of SAP-HR.

Which modules does SAP HCM contain?

SAP HCM Modules

  • Organizational Management.
  • Personnel Administration.
  • E-Recruitment.
  • Time Management.
  • Payroll.
  • ESS and MSS.
  • Reporting.

What is the difference between SAP HR and SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, while SAP HCM is SAP’s original on-premise HR solution. Essentially, both solutions solve the same Business problem: Human Resource Management.