What are the top four hazards?

The initiative directs OSHA compliance officers to concentrate, while doing inspections, on the four construction hazards (falls, struck by, caught in/between, and electrical shock) that account for the most fatalities and serious injuries.

What is the four hazard?

The Fatal Four Hazards consist of falls, electrical exposure, struck-by and caught-in/between situations, and result in 545 worker fatalities in the United States every year. Falls are the number one killer of construction workers on the job.

What are the OSHA Focus Four hazards which one of the Focus Four is the most challengeable and why?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) calls the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites its Focus Four: falls, electrocution, struck by and caught in or between. These four leading hazards are responsible for 71 percent of deaths and injuries in construction.

Why are the focus four hazards so important?

The Focus Four hazards are also sometimes known as the Fatal Four. That’s because OSHA has identified them as the four leading causes of fatalities. The agency wants employers to fully recognize and understand those hazards, in order to prevent future incidents from occurring.

What are the 4 safe steps in hazard management?

Some solutions are more effective than others. Make sure your solution does not introduce new hazards….Sometimes using more than one control measure could be the most effective way to reduce the exposure to hazards.

  1. 1 Eliminate the hazard.
  2. 2 Substitute the hazard.
  3. 3 Isolate the hazard.
  4. 4 Use engineering controls.

What is the 4 hazards in OSHA?

These presentations focus on the Big Four Construction Hazards – falls, electrocution, caught-in and struck-by. All training materials will cover the four hazards seen regularly on construction sites and will focus on the methods for the recognition and the prevention of these common hazards.

Which of the Focus Four is responsible for the most fatalities?

90% of Fatalities Falls lead the group with 384 out of 991 total deaths (38.7%), followed by struck by object—93 deaths (9.4%); electrocutions—82 deaths (8.3%); and caught in between—72 deaths (7.3%).

Why are they also known as the Fatal 4?

These health issues, commonly referred to as “The Fatal Four,” are aspiration, dehydration, constipation and seizures. As more individuals with IDD move into community settings, direct support professionals (DSPs) need to be familiar with these common medical conditions.

What are the 3 types of falls that occur on a construction site?

When looking to identify and address fall hazards in any working environment, it is important to understand the different types of falls that a worker may face while performing their daily tasks. Falls can be categorized into three types: falls on a single level, falls to a lower level, and swing falls.