What are the varieties of meaning of words?

Two main types of word meaning are grammatical and lexical.

What does assortment mean?

1 : the act of sorting into groups. 2 : a group or collection of various or different things or persons an assortment of snacks. assortment.

What is an example of variety?

Variety is an assortment or the state of having many different things. An example of variety is when you have purple flowers, blue flowers, green flowers and flowers of a whole bunch of other colors. A number of different things.

What things are assorted?

An assortment is a bunch different things all together whether they’re the same sort or not. An assortment of nuts is a bunch of different nuts, such as cashews, peanuts, and almonds. If you have books, candy bars, action figures, photos, and paper clips on your desk, you have an assortment of things.

How do you use varieties?

Surprisingly weather resistant, mix has five different varieties. They asked people to compare what they claimed were four different varieties of pantyhose. There are many varieties of lentil, ranging vastly in size and colour. There had been melon at breakfast, mountains of it, in three different varieties.

What is assortment Marketing?

Also called a “product assortment strategy,” it is a strategic tool that retailers use to manage and increase sales. The strategy is made up of two major components: The depth of products offered, or how many variations of a particular product a store carries (e.g. how many sizes or flavors of the same product).

What word means a mixture of variety?

assortment, miscellany, range, array, collection, selection, line-up, mixture, medley, mixed bag, mix, diversity, multiplicity, motley, motley collection, pot-pourri. rare omnium gatherum.

What is another word for assorted?

Assorted Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for assorted?

miscellaneous mixed
different diverse
diversified heterogeneous
motley sundry
variegated eclectic

How do you say varieties?

Break ‘varieties’ down into sounds: [VUH] + [RY] + [UH] + [TEEZ] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

[uh-sawr-tid] See more synonyms for assorted on Thesaurus.com. adjective. consisting of different or various kinds; miscellaneous: assorted flavors; assorted sizes. consisting of selected kinds; arranged in sorts or varieties: rows of assorted vegetables. matched; suited.

What is assortment and variety in retail?

What is variety and assortment in retail? The main difference between variety and assortment is that variety refers to the number of different merchandise categories a retailer sells, whereas assortment is the number of different items or SKUs in a merchandise category. Considering this, what does assortment mean in retail?

What is the meaning of assortment?

consisting of selected kinds; arranged in sorts or varieties: rows of assorted vegetables. matched; suited. QUIZ YOURSELF ON AFFECT VS.

Can you choose from a wide assortment of materials?

You can choose from a wide assortment of options. Recent Examples on the Web This year, those sleek materials of yesteryear will be replaced by an assortment of warm, rich ones, designers agree.