What are viscoelastic agents?

Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Agent is a gel injected into the anterior chamber during ophthalmic surgery to maintain the depth of the chamber, protect the corneal endothelium, and stabilize the vitreous.

Why is visco used in cataract surgery?

The major aim for the application of viscoelastic substances in cataract surgery is prevention of corneal endothelial cell loss. This aim is fulfilled by deepening of the anterior chamber, mechanical endothelium protection against surgical trauma, absorption of ultrasound energy, and coating of intraocular lens.

What are the types of viscoelastic?

There are two main classes of viscoelastics, dispersive and cohesive, and they behave differently.

What is viscoelastic used for?

Viscoelastic substances often are employed in cataract surgery to protect the corneal endothelium and to facilitate intraocular lens (IOL) insertion. Sodium hyaluronate, the agent with perhaps the widest clinical use, frequently causes marked postoperative IOP elevations.

What is Viscoat in cataract surgery?

Viscoat®, a combination of sodium hyaluronate 3% and chondroitin sulfate 4%, has the typical properties of a dispersive OVD, while Visthesia® Intracameral, a formulation of sodium hyaluronate 1.5% and lidocaine hydrochloride 1%, demonstrates as a cohesive one [7–9].

What gel is used in cataract surgery?

The gel, named ReSure Sealant, is a synthetic polyethylene glycol hydrogel that is used for prevention of postoperative fluid egress from incisions with a demonstrated would leak following cataract surgery, according to a posted statement by the company.

What is Healon used for in cataract surgery?

INDICATIONS. The HEALON® PRO OVD is indicated for use as a surgical aid in cataract extraction (intra- and extracapsular), IOL implantation, corneal transplant, glaucoma filtration and retinal attachment surgery.

What viscoelastic means?

Definition of viscoelastic : having appreciable and conjoint viscous and elastic properties such viscoelastic materials as asphalt also : constituting or relating to the state of viscoelastic materials viscoelastic data viscoelastic properties.