What bass does Todd Kerns play?

Todd Kerns Anti-Star Signature Bass – Prestige Guitars Ltd.

How old is Todd Kearns?

54 years (December 5, 1967)Todd Kerns / Age

Was Slash a bass player?

“He had an electric guitar when we were about 13 years old and he used to bang on it to Kiss records at full blast. That was very exciting, so I opted to play bass since he was playing guitar.

Is Todd Kerns married?

Monique Kernsm. 2015
Dawn Mandarinom. 2003–2006
Todd Kerns/Spouse

Who is the richest member of Guns N Roses?

Axl Rose’s
And today in 2022, one of Guns N’ Roses band founding members Axl Rose’s net worth is $230 million, as he also gets to be the richest member of the band.

What kind of guitar does Todd Kern play?

The Signature Todd ‘DAMMIT’ Kerns Anti-Star VI Guitar is the 6 string guitar counterpart to the original Prestige Anti-Star Bass. As Todd spends an almost equal amount of time playing bass and six-string and singing lead in a number of projects, it only made sense for him to have a guitar to ensure that he is rarely without…

Is Todd Kerns still with Slash?

Todd Kerns performing with Slash at Hristo Botev hall, Sofia on June 29, 2015. Todd “Dammit” Kerns is a Canadian musician who has worked with several Canadian bands, most notably The Age of Electric. Kerns is currently the bass guitarist and back up vocalist for Slash in the band Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

What is Todd Kerns famous for?

TODD’S STORY. Todd Kerns is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is most noted for being the bass player and back up singer in “Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators”, and for being the front man of “The Age of Electric”.

Is Todd Kerns’s toque Canadian?

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