What can I use for backyard rink liner?

Tarps. This topic could easily dominate backyard rink discussions as this is probably the most crucial element to having a successful outdoor rink experience. WHITE-WHITE-WHITE-WHITE! Make sure to get an Ultra-White liner on *BOTH* sides!

Can you build a backyard rink without a tarp?

Old Fashioned Backyard Ice Rinks You do not need a plastic liner or tarp if you are making an old fashioned backyard ice rink (traditional). In order to make ice, you simply pack snow, flood the snow surface with water and allow it to freeze. You can make this traditional backyard ice rink with or without boards.

How thick should a rink liner be?

You should try and use a rink liner that is at least 5 mil thick. 6 mil is excellent. For the most part, I’ve been using 6 mil plastic liners.

Will a blue tarp work for an outdoor rink?

First, the darker the color, the more sunlight it absorbs. This can cause your rink to melt on sunnier days. Second, typical blue and green tarps you would find at a sporting goods store are known to damage grass beyond repair.

How thick is ice rink tarp?

5 Mil White/Black Plastic Sheeting This white/black plastic sheeting is a great option for lining your ice rink. This option is highly puncture- and tear-resistant and will last through varying weather conditions. 5 mil thickness should be sufficient for your project; thicker options are available if needed.

How thick should ice be for backyard rink?

A – A minimum of 2” (two inches) thick for the ice to stay solid and hold the weight of a 300lb person is required. For the municipal rinks, we recommend at least 3” (three inches).

How do you make an ice rink uneven ground?

Use a tarp or similar material to cover the area before filling the space with water. Fill it all up at once so the water can level out – freezing in layers can create an uneven surface. The following floods should be with hot water if available. Once you have two to three inches of ice your rink will be ready!